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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diagnosis Of Disease

Medicine in tablet and capsule to take better standing or sitting but not lying down and be sure to drink water.After that, it is not necessary to lay down for a further fifteen minutes: otherwise stick to cure the inner surface of the esophagus in 10 minutes and may be destroyed before reaching the stomach.

Inhalation with soda, menthol or eucalyptus should be done through a funnel of thick paper, a minimum length of 40 cm. Start inhalation by 5 to 10 minutes after the water has boiled, but in any case not breathe over boiling water.

Nebulizer for home use is easy to do from the dryer, giving the hot air, and pharmacy bottle through the cork which two glass tubes are missing.Air was purged through the solution for inhalation (prescribed by a doctor), then the solution pair come into the funnel.The funnel, which is used for inhalation of vapors, made of sheet metal and a tight fit the mouth and nose.

If you suddenly hoarse, and you need to lecture, conduct a lesson, speak to an audience, boil the

milk, remove the spoon formed foam and breathe over the pot, taking a deep breath.Couples milk will reduce the inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx, the voice becomes clearer.

Do not bury your nose in vasodilators drops more than 3-5 days.This will inevitably lead to permanent swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, violation of motor activity of the cilia of ciliated epithelium, which are no longer able to protect the respiratory tract from the fallen from the air stream microorganisms and dust.And you not only get rid of the common cold, but also a long time will damage the protective barriers to entry into the body of adenovirus infection.

Many medicines at home, measure the pipette.For ease of reference it is convenient to pre-calibrate.For example, one division corresponds to 4 drops.Then it is possible to quickly and accurately dial the desired number from the bottle drops.

Milled wheat bran useful for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, atherosclerosis, and obesity.Adding bran to eat, pre-fill them with boiling water for half an hour, then drain the water.The resulting slurry was put into each dish first 1 teaspoon, 7-10 days - up to 2 teaspoons, even after 7-10 days - 1-2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day.

Barley - is at the upper and lower eyelid.Assist lotions from broth and mallow compress 13 breadcrumbs, cooked in fresh milk.The resulting slurry was applied to barley.Do not touch your hands or barley squeeze it.

For the treatment of barley applied hot poultices, eye dropping disinfecting eye drops and intake to one tablet per day or sulfapiridazina sulfadimetoksina.In hot water soak a cotton wool and attach to the patient's eyes.The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is performed 3-4 times per day.Do not try to squeeze the barley, it can lead to complications.

Jaundice - take a little celandine herbs (10 g), boiled in wine or vinegar, add white sugar, drink before dinner, as a tea - 10 days.Take the pharmacy 30 g of ammonium nitrate, 20 g of ammonia, 12 g of citric acid, mash all the powder, stir in a liter of pure wine or wine vinegar.Take 3 glasses a day: before noon, during lunch and after dinner, until the end of the drug.The body rub with vinegar every night.You can drink wine with a light meal, drink vodka is prohibited.

Jaundice black - is of three kinds: yellow, dark and black.Tags: day by day, the man's face darkens, after a while the whole body is black.Man loses appetite, losing weight, getting weaker, until he dies.The disease should be treated promptly.Take the pharmacy 15 g rhubarb yellow, 15 grams of garden sage (leaves and flowers), grind into powder, mix with 300 g of honey.Take 20 grams before dinner, 20 grams per meal (at noon) and 20 g after dinner.Drink the medicine until recovery.Drinking vodka is forbidden to drink wine and vinegar with a light meal Jaundice is caused by many reasons, mainly the liver and bile diseases.When jaundice urine becomes yellow, red or black.

When colitis works well following mixture: centaury - 1h.spoon sage - 1h.Spoon daisy - 1h.a spoon.The whole mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water, cover and saucer, let cool and strain.Take an exacerbation of 1 tbsp.spoon 5-7 times a day.This means not only recommended in colitis, but also in other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diarrhea well proven tincture of birch buds and young green crushed walnuts.At 0.5 liters of 20% vodka tincture of birch buds pour 15- 20 of nut fruits, insist in a dark bottle in the sun two weeks, occasionally shaking, filter, wring out.Black odorous liquid is perfectly helps with severe diarrhea, poor digestion.Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day after meals.

When diarrhea, to improve stool grind the dried peels of apples, 1 tbsp.a spoonful of powder, cook for 15 minutes.200 g of water and drink to quench your thirst.

Bedtime rub the patient's body should be a strong solution of vinegar mixed with wood oil, take a warm bath.

If you want to apply iodine grid, which is used as a diversionary anti-inflammatory agent for respiratory diseases, as well as the pain syndrome, caused by osteochondrosis, screw on the stick a cotton ball, soak it 5% cent alcohol tincture of iodine and apply toskin mutually intersecting horizontal and vertical strips approximately 1 cm wide. Iodine grid is more effective when conducted at certain lines as there are links between the reflex points on the skin and internal organs.

Bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, vertical lines should be carried out in the midline of the sternum, then parallel to it on both sides and through the middle of the clavicle parallel to these lines in the middle need to spend more on the line between them (Fig. 1).

On the back is applied on both sides by two vertical lines parallel to the spine through the inner edge of the blade and in the middle between these lines and the spine (Fig. 2)

horizontal lines on the back and on the chest should be performed along the intercostal spaces, asit is there are blood vessels and nerves, rich reflex connections.

Figure .

When pain syndromes caused by spinal osteochondrosis, iodine mesh is applied as follows: on both sides parallel to the spine is performed vertical line through the inner edge of the blade along the spine itself, and in the middle between them.Depending on the localization of the pain can be extended to the lumbosacral spine (Fig. 3).These lines are the point, working on that-reflexologist doctors relieve pain in the thoracic and lumbar spine.Horizontal lines are drawn along the intercostal spaces.

Iodine grid can not be applied to the skin at body temperature above 38 °, and also to people with hypersensitivity to iodine.If this be neglected, may develop severe allergic reactions (urticaria, angioedema).

Therefore, pre-check your body's sensitivity to drugs of iodine.It is very simple: on the inner surface of the forearm, apply one or two small strokes match dipped 5% alcohol tincture of iodine.If after 15 minutes the skin is reddened, swelling does not appear, may be applied to the net iodine.It is recommended to make it no more than 2-3 times per week.

Action yellow cards based on the stimulation of essential mustard oil skin receptors, causing a rush of blood to it and promotes the resorption of inflammation and reduce pain.Put them on the back, upper chest, neck, arms, legs.But this procedure can not be done in case of skin irritation.

Gorchichnik soak in warm water, which is not higher than 36-40 ° C. If the temperature of the hot water, then sharply reduced irritant effect on the skin of essential mustard oil.With wet mustard plaster shake off excess water and apply it to the skin of mustard down, placing a piece of porous paper (not newspaper), cover with a towel, and the patient carefully wrap the blanket.Hold the mustard should be from 5 to 15 minutes, but if the pain is felt, should not tolerate it as a burn may occur.

removing the mustard, wipe the skin with gauze or cotton piece moistened with warm water, then dry with a towel and lubricate with Vaseline or any nourishing cream.The patient was put well and Nestle.

aware of usable yellow card when wetted with warm water produces a pungent smell of mustard oil, and dry is not showered.

Mustard can be done yourself.A tablespoon of dry mustard and the same amount of wheat or potato flour mix until a pasty mass, adding a little hot water.After 30 minutes, apply a slurry layer of 0.5 cm on a double layer of cheesecloth or a piece of fabric the desired size, cover with a second layer of gauze or cloth and apply to the skin.Then cover with a towel and a blanket yellow card.Domestic mustard is always more ready, so they need to keep no more than 5-6 minutes.

Leg mustard bath. One or two tablespoons of mustard, pour in a cloth bag and place it in a bucket of warm water (35-37 ° C), press repeatedly.Then soak in a solution of the patient's legs to mid-calf.The duration of this procedure is 10-20 min.After the bath, wash the feet with warm water, wipe dry with a towel and lay sick in bed.

Banks have a strong effect on the skin and promote the resorption of foci of inflammation and reduce pain.They are contraindicated in bleeding, tuberculosis, skin diseases and increased its sensitivity, severe exhaustion of the patient, the state of general excitation -rezkogo with cramps.

You can not put the banks on the heart, spine, pigmented skin 6, and in women also in the area of ​​the breast.

Before you put the jars, wash them with hot water, wipe dry, be sure to check the integrity of their territories and lay on a napkin at the bedside.Next should be an alcohol or cologne, matches, petroleum jelly, a thin metal rod.In his tightly wound cotton thread and secure it to a burning wad has not come off.

Banks can be put on the back, hips, lower back, below the clavicle, the anterior surface of the thorax.

assigning procedure, the doctor specifies exactly which areas it is necessary to warm up.If the skin is covered with abundant hair, shave them, the body is rubbed with a damp towel.

Before the procedure lubricate the skin with petroleum jelly.This will provide a better fit jars and protect against burns.

rod with a cotton swab dampen with alcohol or cologne, wring it out and light.Bank holds in his left hand and right quickly, for one or two seconds, enter into it (but not touching the walls!) Hot swab and then quickly attach to the body.If the bank set correctly, the skin is drawn into it and it becomes a bright pink or crimson.When delivered, all banks (usually 10-20 pieces), cover them with a dry towel, and on top - with a blanket.Duration of treatment - 10 to 20 minutes.

Shoot cans should be alternated.With one hand, gently tilt the jar to the side and another finger press down on the skin at its edge on the opposite side, then it is easy to disappear.Then gently wipe the skin dry with a towel, put the patient's heat and cover with a blanket.

hot compress put on the neck, chest, arms, legs, abdomen angina, dry pleurisy, bronchitis, as well as muscle pain, spasms of the muscles and blood vessels, inflammation of the joints only on prescription.He has resolving the action, as well as helps to relax muscles and reduce pain.

piece of clean soft cloth, absorb moisture well, fold in two or three layers, soak in water at room temperature (18-20 ° C) and lightly wrung out, attach to the sore spot.Top cover with compress oilcloth or waxed paper, which should be 2-3 cm wider than a damp cloth.Then put cotton wool, flannel or bike wider layer of oilcloth and carefully pribintuyte compress.You can still put on top of a woolen shawl or scarf.

Water is recommended to keep a compress from 6 to 10 hours.

When it is necessary to strengthen the effect of compress, the doctor recommends not to moisten the gauze in water, as in vodka or alcohol, diluted with water, or over a hot compress to put a hot water bottle.Because these packs irritate the skin, they can not hold long.

If compress is put correctly, the fabric will be filmed wet and warm.It happens sometimes that after applying compress the patient feels chill.This means that a compress bandage loosely and tightly close to the body.In this case, it is necessary to apply again.

Some people, for a long time applying a hot compress, the skin is loosened, it is formed in the diaper rash, itching.To avoid this, after removing the compress clean the skin with alcohol mixed with water, vodka, wine vinegar or cologne and wipe dry.

break between compresses should be at least two hours.

You can not put a hot compress those who suffer from skin diseases, especially pustular.

hot compress promotes active vasodilatation: improves the nutrition of tissues, muscles relax and pain is reduced.This wrap is used for migraines, intestinal, renal and hepatic colic, as well as after the injury, but not earlier than on the second day.

soft cloth, folded in several layers, soak in hot water (60-70 ° C), press and attach to the body, cover it with wax paper or an oilcloth larger, and on top - a thick layer of cotton wool, woolen scarf or blanket.Change compress 5-10 min before until pain subsides.

cold compress (lotion) doctor prescribes headaches, bruises, sprains, nasal bleeding, as well as if stung by a wasp or bee.This causes a local cooling compress, so the pain is reduced.

Take a piece of muslin or other cotton fabric, folded in several layers, soak in cold water (better if it is iced), gently squeeze and apply to the sore spot.Change lotion should be 2-3 minutes, as the tissue warms up quickly.

The pack is usually done for an hour until the pain subsides or stop bleeding from the nose.

In some cases, the doctor recommends adding vinegar to the water (2 tablespoons per pint of water) for a better cooling effect, and use an infusion of arnica, chamomile or lead water.

Pathology rectum - hemorrhoids, anal fissures, paraproctitis, tumor - there are now quite common.

proctologist (for rectal problems Specialist) advises to apply for special diagnostics - colonoscopy - and medical care in the presence of at least one characteristic of the following:

• violation of the rhythm of the chair;

• admixture to feces mucus or blood;

• loss of appetite;

• abdominal pain;

• itching (burning) in the anus;

• signs of anemia (anemia) in a blood test.

Wink a frequently when go to the movies or watching TV.

first law of states, "When the eye moves, he sees."No one can watch a movie or TV show, if the eye is not moving.Thus, going to the movies and watching TV can be very useful for the eyes, if you look right.Moreover, in both cases may even improve their vision.

Dr. Huxley brings very useful recommendations.

Analyze how you sit and how far away from the TV.Sitting should be straight, without tilting the head to the left or right.As for the distance, all usually depends only on the arrangement of the furniture in the room.If the sofa is away from the TV, then the person sitting there, even though the distance to the screen does not correspond to the optimum, which is peculiar to him.By the way, this distance may be set by the doctor.

Children are allowed to sit at any distance.Often they are located just on the floor, staring at the TV screen and staying in the most uncomfortable positions for hours.However, some children are allowed to watch TV and do - say, do homework - at the same time.In this case, it should be noted that the human brain may be at a certain moment concentrate on doing only one task.