Counting the respiratory rate

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

Depending on the priority participation in the respiratory movements (tours), chest or abdomen are distinguished:

• thoracic type of breathing (mostly in women);

• abdominal breathing (for men);

• mixed.

main function of the respiratory system - providing the body with oxygen, necessary for normal functioning of all organs and tissues, and removing formed during the carbon dioxide and water activity.Frequency, depth and rhythm of respiratory movements are governed by the respiratory center and the cerebral cortex.

irritation of the respiratory center and increased the intensity of respiration possible by increasing the blood levels of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen.It is observed during physical exertion, emotional stress, as well as a variety of respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by obstruction of pulmonary ventilation (such as pneumonia, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchitis, asthma, etc.).Excessive concentration of oxygen in the blood, which may occur during hyp

erventilation and inhalation of pure oxygen, lead to the oppression of the respiratory center, and even respiratory arrest.

Watching the breath, it is necessary to determine the frequency, depth, rhythm, respiratory movements and assess the type of breathing.In normal breathing movements are rhythmic.

frequency of respiratory movements alone in adults is 16-20 per minute.In the supine position the number of respiratory movements usually decreases to 14-16 per minute, and increasing (18-20 min) in an upright position.Shallow breathing usually occurs at rest, physical and emotional stress is more profound.

To determine the frequency of respiratory movements of the right hand fingers need to cover the patient's wrist in the wrist joint.I finger is located on the back of the forearm, and II-V fingers grope pulsating radial artery and pressed it to the radius.The other hand is placed on the chest (breast-type breathing) or epigastric region (with abdominal type of breathing).Count the number of breaths per minute.Data is recorded in the thermal sheet - Count "Breath".