The course of disease in elderly and senile

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

Elderly and old people can suffer from diseases arising from them, or in young adulthood.Basically, it refers to chronic inflammatory diseases, metabolic processes, persistent functional disorders with long-term course.As young people, they may develop acute, including infectious diseases, but age-related features of the body are responsible for a significant

deviation in their course.The most characteristic atipichnoet each disease, smoothness of pathological processes.

Features aging and disease for old people are very diverse: the disease is usually associated with a change in human psychology, it is in close cooperation with the social environment and especially with family relationships.

diseases in the elderly characterized by slow, gradual onset, initial symptoms are usually vague and faintly expressed.The process of "accumulation" of disease begins somewhere in the 30-40 years old, and only in old age, they are felt.With age, the increasing number of chronic illnesses and fewer acute.This is

due to the fact that over the years any pathological process, if it is not cured in time, progresses, there is an accumulation both the symptoms and organic changes.

especially violated in the elderly mechanisms that regulate the function of the cardiovascular system and the adaptive capacity of the body.Agencies and elderly person the system can not quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions.Due to the limited mobility in older people can develop diseases such as lack of exercise, hypostatic pneumonia, difficulty urinating, urinary tract infections, pressure sores.With age, reduced oxidative processes in the body, reducing the amount of protein, calcium, silicon ( "spilling sand"), which may lead to the development of such diseases as senile (senile) osteopenia, roses.

Violation of the functional state of the organism in terms inactivity in people with middle and old age

occur much faster, and their intensity is more pronounced than in middle or mature age.

Ofomnoe to restoring the health of people in older age groups is the early application of methods of regenerative therapy is a gentle massage, medical gymnastics and physiotherapy.