August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medication Guide

pericarditis - an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, that is the pericardium.Through the heart pericardium fixed in the chest, and this shell is protective.Therefore pericarditis - a disease serious and dangerous for the body requires adequate and prompt treatment.

Pericarditis usually develops as a secondary disease in diseases such as:

1. rheumatism,

2. systemic lupus erythematosus,

3. myocardial infarction, etc.,

4. inflammation may developtrauma.

pericarditis Pathogens are viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

pericarditis are classified as follows:

1. adrift - acute and chronic;

2. by manifestations - dry and exudative (with the presence of effusion).

Manifestations of the disease depend on the type of disease.

For dry pericarditis is characterized by pericardial friction, as well as palpitations, heart pain, and even dry cough.

for exudative pericarditis is characterized by the following features: the accumulation of fluid friction noise disappears, decreases pain intensity,

there is swelling of the neck veins, and shortness of breath (violation of the depth and frequency of breathing with the feeling of lack of air).The skin becomes bluish tint.

common to both forms of the disease are such manifestations as a higher body temperature than usual, in the heart of pain, sickness, disability and decrease fatigue.

Diagnosis of the disease also depends on its shape.

Dry pericarditis is made by listening to the noise pericardial friction and ECG changes.

When pericardial effusion requires the following studies:

• Echocardiography, thanks to this study can detect the presence of fluid in the cavity of the heart.

• phonocardiography.

• X-rays to detect changes in the shadow of the heart in the picture, what is happening again, due to the accumulation of fluid.

need for hospitalization and bed rest.Assigned to treatment of the underlying disease, which originated as a result of pericarditis.Also held hormone therapy - used hormones glucocorticoids (prednisone and polkortolon).diuretics (furosemide, triamterene, and others.) In identifying appointed exudative pericarditis.In the complex and severe cases - puncture (puncture) of the heart to remove fluid.

forecast pericarditis depends entirely on the primary disease, in which it originated, as well as timely and appropriate treatment, adherence and regulations of the treating doctor.Specific prevention of pericarditis does not exist.