Cestrinskaya service in modern healthcare

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Modern nursing is undergoing active reform in this period.The activities of modern nursing service is carried out in certain areas that are developed and presented in the program of development of nursing in the Russian Federation.In 1997, in accordance with the Order of the Russian Federation dated December 31, 1997 № 390 "On measures to improve nursing in the Russian Federation" program for the development of nursing in Russia has been drawn up.

Middle nursing staff is a dominant part of the health workers.Ongoing reform of nursing education has yielded positive results.In Russia since 1995 has been undertaken training of nurses with higher education.modern concepts and terms set forth in the development of the program.Nursing is considered as one of the main components of health.It includes activities in health promotion, disease prevention, the provision of psycho-social assistance to the needy.Nurses perform medical care in special medical institutions, as well as at home.Nursing personnel must hav

e an education in the specialties: "Nursing", "midwifery", "Medicine (paramedic)."In the implementation of nursing development program has been allocated 2 phase.

1st stage: from 1998 to 2000 .: elaborated and adopted legal framework and material and technical basis for the work of nurses.

2nd stage: from 2000 to 2005 .: implementation of cost-effective methods of work of nursing services in the health system.

nursing development program is provided through funding from the federal budget, the budgets of the Federation and involved to implement it extrabudgetary sources.Quality control in the implementation of this program is carried out directly by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

The program of Nursing stated objectives of nursing in the Russian Federation.

1. Creating conditions for the development of nursing and assistance at the federal level and directly in the subjects of the Federation.

2. Promoting more efficient use of resources in health care.

3. Development of new methods of organization and nursing care technologies.

4. Improved qualification training of nursing personnel.

5. Ensuring high quality nursing care for all segments of the population.

6. Improving the legal framework and nursing service management system.

7. Improving the status of the profession of nurse.

8. Maintaining social security of the nursing staff.

9. Development of nursing associations.

Nursing Development Program in Russia is based on a clear, certain principles.

1. The principle of universality.Medical assistance should be provided to all people in need regardless of their social origin, sex, age, religion.

2. The principle of accessibility.Medical help should be available to every person, regardless of location and area of ​​residence and other factors.

3. The principle of prevention and timely promotion of health of each person.

4. The principle of efficient use of labor, material and economic resources.

Previously viewed as a nurse and a physician assistant was required to exactly fulfill all his purposes, that at the present stage of development of the health authority nurse widened she has the right to make their own decisions in the provision of assistance to the population.

Activities modern nurse has some directions and tasks.

1. Provision of primary health care.Implementation of preventive work among the population.A nurse should actively carry out health education of patients: to shape a healthy lifestyle, in each patient, producing primary and secondary prevention population.Primary prevention aims to prevent the development of disease in a healthy person.Secondary prevention - it measures to reduce relapses in humans with chronic diseases.A nurse should be involved in addressing the sexual education of the population, family planning.

2. Provision of medical and diagnostic care to patients, qualified nursing.Clinics, hospitals, medical and obstetric centers for higher quality work must be equipped with modern equipment and a sufficient amount of medicines, dressing materials, injection equipment, and other medical devices.

3. Provision of rehabilitation and medical and social assistance to the needy: the chronically ill, the disabled, the elderly.

4. Provide palliative care to cancer patients.Creation of hospices and nursing hospitals for the needy people.Establishment of patronage patients and their care at home.

5. The principle of providing quality health nursing care to the entire population.

6. The principle of attracting people to actively participate in addressing health issues.

In modern conditions increase the requirements for training nurses.A growing need for nurses who can work on a modern medical and diagnostic medical equipment: electrocardiography, radiography, physiotherapy apparatus, apparatus for resuscitation and patient monitoring.In addition, the nurse should know the basics of psychology, nursing process to know and be able to apply the knowledge directly into practice.A nurse should know the basics of the legal framework and to be able to fill in medical records correctly.

important role in the organization of the nursing service belongs to managers of nursing services at different levels: the senior nurse, primary nurse managers medicine.For more effective work of nursing services should be a close professional relationship and the cooperation of nurses with doctors, administrative part, the Ministry of Health and Social Development, other specialists and departments.

Currently, there are many flaws and shortcomings in the organization of the nursing service.It is important to further improve its organization and management in the Russian Federation.Needed development and introduction to the work of nurses of general principles and approaches to the organization of the nursing staff.There is currently no general, unified management.This adversely affects the work of nurses and thus directly on the patient's health.For a more efficient organization of nursing services necessary to organize a multi-level management system.The main point here - the emergence of specialist nursing at the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, as well as in government health of the Russian Federation.

Home nurse should possess the fundamentals of management and have a higher education in the specialty "medical management".Better, better ensure the organization of the nursing service in the development and implementation of practical work of professional standards nurse in outpatient and inpatient area.In order for a nurse to carry out qualitatively their work and meet the patient's needs (Maslow), it should not only clearly and professionally carry out the prescribed manipulation.The basis of the work performed professionally nurse must be respect for the culture of ethics, ethics, respect for each patient.