Massage in diseases of the cardiovascular system hypotonia

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Cardiovascular Diseases

If the blood pressure of the patient is always below 100/50, it is possible to speak of hypotension, as a disease.To stimulate blood circulation beneficial physical activity, exercise, physiotherapy, douches, cool off with cold water, walking barefoot in the dew.

Physician effects of drugs and physical treatments can enhance the acupressure.

1 - "concentrated point - Zone average ka application of forces";2 - finger

«sweeping wave";

When low blood pressure massage the following point (Fig..):

«concentrated point of application of force";

«sweeping wave";

«middle area) of the finger."

first 2 points are massaged several times a day for 5 minutes with an effort from medium to large.

third point ( "the middle finger area") in the rubbing direction of the wrist 5 times on each hand.

In circulatory disorders (atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular sclerosis of the lower limbs, coronary disease) Chinese traditional medicine recommends the following massage active points:

1. Points "divine serenity"

and point "meeting of the three yin" is recommended to massage both the right and left, muchclicking on them for 10-15 minutes.Point "meeting of the three yin" (located

«divine serenity»

"Special point»

on the inside of the lower leg) should be massaged starting from a weak effort and to an average of 5-10 minutes.

2. The special point (located exactly between the eyebrows).Massage is carried out at the point of dizziness, headaches, memory impairment.

3. «Concentrated point of application of forces" is the exciting point.Especially useful massage this point for violations of heart rhythm and pulse.The points on both hands massage alternately.Pushing in the rhythm of the pulse strongly for 5 minutes.

4. «Nisin in the valley."The point is massaged in the direction of the elbow.The pressure to produce strong for 5-10 minutes.

«Concentrated" Nisin point of force application in


1. «Association yang" (the point located at a central point in the popliteal fossa).The point is massaged in the heel direction for 3 minutes.

pain caused by hemorrhoids can be removed following acupressure points:

1 - "unity yang";2 - "pillar on the mountain»

«merchant Hill»

2. «Pillar on the Mount" (point located in the middle of the muscle bulge twin).Massage this point should be done at the same time on both sides of the thumbs of both hands.Strong pressure (or connection) to 5 minutes.

3. «Hill merchant."The point is massaged to strengthen the muscle of blood vessels and connective tissue fabric.Pressing is performed for 5 minutes at medium power.

«humerus."(A point is defined by a horizontal arm's length in the hole above the shoulder joint).Massage this point relieves itching of the skin d D and regulates its blood supply.Press strongly for 5-10 minutes.


Acupressure rheumatism does not stop inflammation in the heart muscle and joints, it helps to relieve pain, improve joint mobility and metabolism.

1. «Three Miles".Massage is carried out at the point of restriction of movements in the joints to relieve pain or numbness in the arms and shoulders.Pressing is done at an average power for 5 minutes.

«Three Mile»

2. Point "Middle Island" (harmonization of point).Massage it is recommended to relieve severe pain and stress in the joints, in all kinds of difficult movements.The push - strong from 3 to 15 minutes (until it comes off the pain).

3. Point "meeting of the three yin."Indications milking massage are the same as when massaging "middle island" point.Massage carried out with an average power for 5 minutes.

1. Point "pours spring."Massage gently for 2-3 minutes.Massage conducts partner.Especially good effect acupressure, when you are relaxed.

«meeting point of three yin"

«Sredinnyi Island»


«pours" Great Spring "association"

«divine serenity»

2. Point "Grand Unification".Massage gently for 3-5 minutes.

3. Point "divine serenity."Massaged with the average power for 10 minutes.

1. Massage the points Qu-Chi, Shen-men, Zu-san-Do and Tai-chung.

Massage holds a family member or therapist.The patient - the crook.

point Qu-Chi is located in the cavity at the end of the folds formed by bending the elbow creek.

point of Shen-men is located in a recess on the elbow end of the radiocarpal fold.

point Zu-Sanlu is located slightly below the lower edge of the patella, near the crest of the tibia (separated from the ridge to the width of your thumb).

Tai-chun is located on the dorsum of the foot.

Massage these points is carried out for 1 minute to appear in the massaged area fullness feeling.


2. Stroking the upper half of the abdomen.

position of the patient - on the back.Massage holds a family member or therapist.Within 2-3 minutes, held stroking the muscles of the upper half of the abdomen and hypochondrium.Stroking is bottom-up and top-down palm and fingers of both hands alternately.

3. Kneading back along the bladder meridian.

position of the patient - on her stomach.Masseur alternately with both hands makes kneading the back along the bladder meridian.The muscles are massaged from top to bottom and from bottom to top in the interval between the first thoracic vertebra and lumbar.Duration of massage 7-10 minutes.

4. At high pressure, the patient may self-massage the point of Yin-tang, located just in the middle between the eyebrows.

5. Massage the point Yung-chuan (in the center of the sole) to also lowers blood pressure for 3 minutes.Also, knead and massage this point at another stop.

6. In the sitting position produces a tingling and kneading the muscles of the back of the neck for 2-3 minutes.

1. Spot pressure on the point of Tan-chun.Massage can perform as a massage therapist, and the patient himself.The tip of the middle finger is made pressing and massage this point, located in the middle of the midline of the sternum at the level of the fourth intercostal space and the middle of the distance between the nipples.Duration of massage - 1 minute.

2. Finger pressing points Hsin-shu-shu and Fei.Tip of the thumb massage one, and then another point on the one and the other.

points are: Hsin-shu - 1.5 cun from the mid-distance between the spinous processes 3 and 4 infants przvonkov, dot Faye Shu is located at 2 cm above the Singshu.

- Tong Chun

- Fay-shu-shu -Blue

- Fay-shu-shu -Blue

Each point knead and massage for 1 minute.

3. Independently patient can do massage Ximen point on the inner surface of the forearm for 5 tsuney above-ray wrist crease, between the two tendons.A point on the left hand massage right thumb, and the point on the right hand, respectively, the left thumb.Massage performed for 1 minute, until the feeling of fullness in the massaged area.