Statement of nursing diagnosis

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

to nurse an important step before formulation nursing diagnosis is the classification and staging of the patient problems.patient problems are divided into two types: existing in real life and potential.Existing problems - the ones that bother the patient at present, real time and require urgent solutions.Potential problems - these are problems that have not yet occurred, but may come to light for a certain time and require preventive action by the nurse.

One patient often several important issues.A nurse has to analyze and classify them in order of priority.Priority issues are primary and secondary.Primary - those who may soon have a negative impact on the lives and health of the patient.Secondary - a patient's needs, not directly related to the disease or forecast.

After determining the patient's pathological deviations nurse formulates nursing diagnosis.Currently, there are many definitions of the procedure.Nursing diagnosis - an analysis of the information received on the potential or actual pati

ent's pathology, entailing conclusions on the state of health of the patient, which is reflected in medical terminology and meets medical standards.Nursing diagnosis - a condition of the patient, which is installed as a nurse as a result of the survey and require further intervention, briefly worded conclusion nurse about the patient's condition at the time of the survey, which is expressed in medical terms.

Nursing diagnosis differs from the medical diagnosis.The first reflects the abnormal reaction of the patient on the disease and the second details the pathological state of a certain organ or system.Nursing diagnosis for a patient's symptoms may be several.They can be installed as a syndromes (eg, syncope syndrome, arrhythmias syndrome, damage to abdominal organs syndrome).Nursing diagnosis may sound, for example, as follows: "the limitations of the patient in self-care or psychological disorder in the patient's health."