The functional responsibilities of the nurse receptionist

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Job Description nurse receptionist

I. General part

to the position of a nurse is assigned to the front desk person with secondary medical education.Appointment and dismissal of the chief doctor of the hospital is made on the proposal of the head office in accordance with current legislation.Nurse admissions office reports directly to the senior nurse and a doctor a reception.In his work it is guided by the orders of superior officers.


1. reception and registration of arrivals patients.

2. inspect and initial examination and diagnosis.

3. In their work guided by the basic rules:

• adherence to the principles of medical ethics;

• hygienic treatment of hands before and after contact with patients, even for small medical interventions;

• keep calm and restraint, calms the patient.

4. Conducts sanitary-hygienic treatment of patients re-entering.

5. Conducts processing medical supplies disinfectants.

6. Has qualified medical assistance in case of emergency - pre-medica

l aid.

7. When appointing a doctor conducts the necessary manipulations.

8. Organizes the primary collection of blood and urine tests, ensures the delivery of biological material in the laboratory.

9. Leads approved medical accounting and reporting documentation.

10. transports patients to the medical department of the hospital.


nurse receptionist has the right to:

1. In the absence of a physician to provide emergency first aid to patients.

2. Improve their professional qualifications in accordance with established procedure.

3. Giving orders an aide and monitor their implementation.

4. Get the information needed to perform their duties.


nurse receptionist is responsible for fuzzy or untimely fulfillment of obligations stipulated by internal regulations of the hospital routine.