Functional responsibilities ward nurse

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Job Description ward nurse department

I. General part

The post of ward nurse is assigned a person with secondary medical education.Appointment and dismissal of the chief doctor of the hospital is made on the proposal of the head office in accordance with current legislation.Ward nurse reports directly to the nurse office.In their work guided by the orders of superior officers.


1. Provides care and monitoring of patients on the basis of the principles of medical ethics.

2. Promptly and accurately performs the treating physician;in case of default assignments regardless of the cause immediately reported to the doctor.

3. Organize the timely examination of patients for diagnostic offices have consultants and doctors in the laboratory.

4. Monitors the status of the patient, physiological functions, sleep.About the report identified changes doctor.

5. Immediately informs the attending physician, and in his absence - the head of department or a doctor on duty at the sudden

deterioration in the patient's condition.

6. Participates in the bypass doctors in the wards assigned to her, reports on the status of the patients assigned to treatment records, monitors the implementation of assignments.

7. Performs sanitary services physically debilitated and seriously ill (washes, feeds, gives the drink, washed as needed mouth, eyes, ears, etc.).

8. Accepts and places in the ward patients, checks the quality of sanitizing newly admitted patients.

9. Checks transfer patients to avoid receiving contraindicated foods and drinks.

10. Isolates patients agonal condition, present at the death, the doctor calls for ascertaining death, prepares the dead corpses to transmit to the morgue.

11. Lettings watch the wards at the bedside of patients.Taking on duty, assigned to inspect her room, state of the lighting, the presence of hard and soft furniture, medical equipment and instruments and medicines.Signs for the reception on duty in the diary room.

12. Monitors the performance of patients and relatives the regime of the day department.Cases of violations of the ward nurse reports to the senior nurse.

13. The work of the nursing staff and monitors their work rules.

14. Once a week makes weighing patients, noting the weight of the patient in medical history.All enrolled patients makes the body temperature measurement twice a day, records the temperature of the thermal sheet.

15. When a patient signs of infection immediately notify the physician, by his order immediately isolate the patient and produces current disinfection.

16. By prescription through exercise heart rate, respiration, measures the daily amount of urine, sputum and other, writes the data to the medical history.

17. Monitors the health content assigned to her chambers, as well as personal hygiene of patients (skin care, mouth, hair cut and nails), the timely reception hygienic baths, change underwear and bed linen, change of clothes records in history.

18. Cares for the timely supply of patients with everything necessary for treatment and care.

19. In the case of urgent measures requiring changes in the condition of patients in the doctor puts the popularity department, and in the absence of the doctors immediately calls the doctor on duty, providing emergency first aid.

20. Ensures that patients were fed according to the assigned diet.

21. Ensures that issued patient medications were taken in her presence.

22. improve their professional skills by attending scientific conferences for nurses and participating in the competition for the title of "Best in Profession".

23. Conducts the necessary accounting records.

24. In the absence of the senior nurse accompanies during bypass doctors office, the doctor on duty, administration officials.It pushes a blog separating all the comments made and orders.


Rights Ward nurse has the right to:

1. In the absence of a physician to provide emergency first aid to patients department.

2. Improve their professional qualifications in special courses in the prescribed manner.

3. Giving orders an aide and monitor their implementation.

4. Get the information needed to perform their duties.


Ward nurse responsible for fuzzy or untimely fulfillment of obligations stipulated by internal regulations of the hospital routine.