gastric lavage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

Gastric lavage - a technique in which the stomach through the esophagus is removed its contents: congestive, fermented liquid (food), poor quality food or poison;blood;bile.

lavage is used as a therapeutic or diagnostic purposes if:

• stomach diseases - atony of the walls of the stomach or duodenum;

• poisoning of nutrients, various poisons;

• intestinal obstruction: paresis, mechanical obstruction.

for gastric lavage used a simple device consisting of a glass funnel with a capacity of 0.5-1.0 liters with etched graduations 100 cm !, coupled with a thick-walled rubber tube length of 1 1.5 m and a diameter of about 1 - 1.5 cm.

lavage is performed with water at room temperature (18-20 ° C).In addition to water, it is possible to use a 2% solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium permanganate clear solution.

The patient sits in a chair, leaning close to his back, head tilted slightly forward.Nearby, at his feet, put a basin or bucket.The chest of the patient close oilcloth apron, sheets and

warn that the introduction of the probe may cause nausea and even gagging that he can put down, making swallowing and breathing deeply through the nose.

should be explained to the patient that this manipulation is safe and painless.It should not squeeze the probe lumen and pull his teeth.Taking into account the individual characteristics of patients (growth, addition, the constitution), before the introduction of the probe, measure the distance from the navel to the incisors, and then add the distance in one hand, then the probe will fall exactly into the cavity of the stomach.

nurse stands to the right.The patient opens his mouth wide and deep breathing through the nose.Nurse quick movement introduces a probe for the tongue, the patient closes his mouth and makes a number of swallowing movements, after which Sister pushing the probe down the esophagus.If the probe is popped up or curled, it is removed and calming the patient is administered again.If the probe hit the larynx, the patient begins to cough, choking, turns blue and loses her voice.

gastric lavage consists of two stages.

first stage : funnel kept at the level of the patient's knees slightly inclined, so as not to introduce air into the stomach, and begin to pour into it the solution, gradually rising above the level of the mouth.The liquid falls rapidly in the stomach.It should be remembered that it is impossible to wait until all the water will flow from the funnel into the stomach, as in this case nasasyvayut air, making it difficult to remove the stomach contents into it.

The second stage begins with the moment when the water comes to the funnel throat.After that, the funnel is lowered to the level of the patient's knees and wait until it is filled with the contents of the stomach.Then the funnel upset over a basin or bucket, and as soon as the liquid stops flowing from it, once again fill the funnel with a solution;to repeat the procedure until the stomach is not pure water will be supplied.

Typically, gastric lavage consumes 8-10 liters of water or washing liquid.During gastric lavage is necessary to monitor the patient's condition and the washings.When the blood veins the procedure should be discontinued if the washing is not associated with poisoning acids, in which gastric lavage is necessary;in such cases, gastric lavage should be carried out with caution, in small portions, taking care not to cause gagging.

Immunocompromised patients gastric lavage do in bed.For this patient lay on his side.To wash liquid does not numb the larynx, the head should be positioned too low and turn to the side.

If the patient can not swallow the probe, the patient give to drink 1-2 liters of warm sodium bicarbonate solution, and if vomiting does not occur, it is induced by stimulation of the tongue or throat swab or spatula.The procedure is repeated several times.Completely remove the stomach contents in this way will not be possible, so it should be used only in those cases where it is impossible to wash the stomach conventional manner with a probe.

If gastric lavage on the food poisoning made a few hours after he and some of the food had already got into the intestine, ending the gastric lavage, you must enter into it through the probe solution saline laxative (60 ml of a 25% solution of magnesium sulfate).After gastric lavage remove the funnel and swift movement removed the probe.The funnel and the tube washed thoroughly with hot tap water by passing it through a tube and repeatedly pressing the top down, and then boiled.