How to cope with it

August 12, 2017 17:50 | One Year Old Baby

He is easily distracted, and it will help you. year old child so eager to explore the world that does not know where to start and what to stop.If he is fascinated by a bunch of keys, you can force it to release the keys, giving in return Whisk egg.Its ability to be distracted - one of the levers by which reasonable parents manage them.

What to do at home when the child begins to walk. When the mother said that her child has outgrown the crib and playpen, and that it was time to let him on the floor, she kind frustrated replied: "But I am afraid that he get hurt.Or break something. "Sooner or later have to lower it to the floor, if not in 10 months, in 15, when he starts to walk.Then it becomes more cautious, and you will be just as difficult to control.No matter what age you are either granted him freedom in the house, you better get prepared.

How to prevent accidents with a year-old child, how to protect it from the furniture and other things?Firstly, in the rooms where it is, should be, most of the

se things with which he is allowed to play.Then it is necessary to prohibit only a little.If you try to forbid him to touch everything, or almost everything yourself will go out of herself and the child would bring to the tantrums.If he is allowed a lot and have something to do, he will not want what you can not do.In practical terms, this means that you need to remove the fragile ashtrays, vases and jewelry with low tables and place them so that the child could not reach.This also means that it is necessary to remove from the lower shelves of bookcases valuable books and instead put old magazines.Put valuable

books so tightly that the child can not get them out.In the kitchen, put the pots and pans on the lower shelf, and porcelain and products - on the top.One mother filled out the bottom drawer of his desk with old clothes, toys and other interesting items and let your child to dig into them, as he wants. How to teach a child not to touch something that is prohibited. This is a major problem in the age between the year and two.Always remain things that the child can not be touched.For example, a lamp on the table.He should not pull the cord or turn table.He must not touch a hot stove, or include gas, or get out of the window.

At first, the word "no" is not enough. you stop the child, telling him "no", at least not at first.Even later, it all depends on the tone of your voice, how often you say it and how are serious.Even if a child learned from his own experience what it is, and see what you are talking quite seriously, it's not the most reliable method.Do not shout "no" is not his voice across the room.This puts him in front of goal.He says to himself: "Is, I listen to her coward - or will a man and pull the cord?" Keep in mind that the nature of the child makes all experience and contrary to orders.It is very likely that it will continue to act in its own way, while at the same time, the corner of my eye looking at you, to see you angry or not.It is much wiser, as soon as he started doing something unauthorized, approach him, pick up and move to another part of the room.At the same time, you can say "no".You both teach him and demonstrate what it means.Immediately give him an old magazine, an empty cigarette pack or anything else interesting and safe.It makes no sense to give it a rattle, which is already a few months as he tired.

And if he will be back in a few minutes to the lamp?Take him and again distracted, quickly, firmly and kindly.Once again say "no", supporting their actions.Sit for a minute with him and show what you can do with a new toy.If necessary, remove the lamp beyond its reach, or even carried her out of the room.You tactfully but firmly, showing him that your decision firmly and that the lamp is not a toy.Do not engage in arguments, reasoning, do not scold the child, do not look at him angrily - all this does not help, it will only be more stubborn.

But you can say, "He will never learn, if I will not teach."Learn.Learn much faster if you speak in a tone as if it were the most to say.If you're shaking his finger to a child who does not know that "no" means "no", you will only motivate him to do on his own.He wants to check whether you can disobey.And if you grab it, put in front of him and begin to curse, it will work no better.You did not give him the opportunity to retreat with dignity, or to forget about the incident.He has either meekly surrender or not to obey.

I remember Mrs. T., who constantly complained about what her naughty daughter.Just at that moment entered the room Susie normal shestnadtsatimesyachnaya mischievous girl.Seeing her, Mrs. T .. immediately said disapprovingly: "Do not forget, Susie, you can not approach the radio."Susie does not think about radio, but now she had to think about it.She turned and slowly walked toward him.Mrs. T. panic as soon as any of her children began to show independence.She was afraid that he could not control them.And in trouble to make a fuss, where it was not necessary.It looks like a man ,: who learns to ride a bike and saw the stone front.He was so nervous that zooms directly on the stone.

imagine that a child comes to a hot stove.Mother will not sit, limiting the word "can not," said a disapproving tone.She jumped up and will take the child.She could not do otherwise, when you need to do to prevent a child to do something, and not to practice that one will is strong.

not hurry and act decisively. dvadtsatimesyachnogo boy's mother every day takes him to the store.But complains that he does not go near her, and departs and rises to every porch, they passed.The more she urges him, the more it is delayed.When she scolds him, he runs in the opposite direction.It is feared that he may have behavior problems.Such problems have a child yet, although they can occur.He did not at that age, to remain aware of the store.Nature tells him: "Take this walk for research!Look at those steps! "Every time his mother calling, she reminds us of his new quest to assert themselves.What to do in such a case, the mother?If she needs to go to the store quickly, it will carry him in a wheelchair.But if she wants to go to the store and walk at the same time, you need to take it four times longer than if she went alone, and allow the child to be distracted.If it goes slowly, the baby will not be distracted by every step.

Here is another difficult situation.It's time to go to dinner, but the child, happy, digging in the ground.If you say, "Time to go," meaning his tone "More you can not play", you will encounter resistance.But if you have fun say, "Just try to climb the stairs," he may have wanted to do it.But suppose he is tired, cranky, and in his own house does not attract.The child begins stubborn.I would have picked him up and carried him home, even if he screams and kicks like a pig.Do this with a confident air, as if to say to him: "I know you're tired and annoyed, but we still have to go."Do not scold him, he still does not understand, that does not behave correctly.Do not argue with him, you have it still does not convince you, just get angry yourself.A small child who feels unhappy and happy with the scene, in the depths of the soul understands the mother knows what to do - and so gradually calm down.

child who drops and throws things. At the age of one year, the child learns to purposely drop things.He leans out of his armchair and throwing food on the floor or one of the other throws toys out of the crib.A.potom starts crying because they lost.Riley's mother suspects, he scoffs at her.But he did not even think about it: he is fascinated by his new ability.He wants the whole day something to throw like a boy from morning to evening is ready to ride his new bicycle.If you pick up abandoned their belongings, he immediately understands that this game can be played two, and was glad.Better not teach him to you immediately raise abandoned them toys.Place the child on the floor or on the ground when it comes in such a mood.You can tie his favorite toy to bed with string 30 centimeters long (if the rope is longer, the child can become entangled in it).Other toys tie the wheelchair.Do not let him throw the food, but it will not start until feels full.When he begins to throw, immediately resolutely carry away a tray of food and give your child the opportunity to play.If you are going to scold the child for what he throws things will not achieve anything, only the upset.