Functional responsibilities main nurse

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Job Description main nurse

I. General part

main tasks main nurse hospitals are rational organization of work of middle and junior medical staff and ensuring the timely implementation of medical prescriptions to patients.Appointment and dismissal of the main nurse hospital doctor carried out mainly in accordance with applicable law.She is the person bearing liability in accordance with applicable law and concluded with it the contract, reports directly to the chief doctor, and in his absence - the person who replaced him.In its activities is guided by the current legislation, orders, instructions and orders of the Russian Health Ministry, local health authorities, this job description, as well as the methodological recommendations to improve the work of nursing staff of health care institutions.The primary nurse is subject to all the nursing staff of the hospital.


1. Provides a compilation of rational work schedules and performs the correct alignment of the average and y

ounger medical personnel.

2. instructs recruits middle and junior medical staff on occupational health and safety, but fire safety, as well as introduces them to the job descriptions and other mandatory documents.

3. Carries out systematic monitoring of the timely and quality performance of nurses and medical diagnostic doctor appointments.

4. timely implementation transposition nurses, replacing suddenly fall ill or have left on the job.

5. Directly manages the treatment room nurses and other medical and diagnostic and ancillary offices, working without a doctor.

6. Supervises senior nurses offices, teaching them the principles of the organization of the work of nurses in the department, recordkeeping, scheduling, and others.

7. Supervises maintenance sheets for departments, the summary table is in the hospital for submission to the accounting department within the prescribed period.

8. Provides timely statement, the correct calculation, distribution and use of medical equipment, medicines, bacterial preparations, dressings, forms a special account (sick leave, medical death certificates, etc.).

9. Supervises the regularity of the planned technical control and maintenance of medical equipment.

10. Leads the payroll records of all instrumentation with timelines State monitoring, after which it sends to the State monitoring these devices (sphygmomanometers, manometers, scales, etc.) Or call for this purpose at the hospital workers metrological service.

11. Conducts commission cancellation faulty, the depreciation can not be repaired instruments, apparatus and instruments.

12. Leads strict payroll records of all material values ​​that are its responsibility, keeps in a safe alcohol, drugs and special registration forms, provides a space where you store wealth and medication alarm.

13. Daily spends bypassing hospitals, monitoring the observance of sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, compliance with labor discipline nurses, state jobs nurses.

14. At least once a month monitors compliance with nursing staff aseptic and antiseptic, documentation, putting up forms with the results of laboratory tests, storage compartments on alcohol, medicines and dressing materials, tools, chemicals, forms a special account.

15. Develops and submits for approval to the head physician training plan for the hospital nurses for a year and in the future (specialization courses, on the job training on the job, secondment in another health care setting, certification of technicians, etc.);A plan for nursing conferences, organizing their conduct at least once a month, using them as an effective form of training nurses.

16. Conducts individual work with nurses, raising them high responsibility, humanity in relation to patients, honesty, integrity, collegiality.


1. Participate in matters of hiring and firing middle and junior medical staff.

2. Represent the promotion and imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the middle and junior medical staff.

3. Monitor activities of nurses and nurses of any department and the hospital office, give them instructions and directions.

4. In the event of a need to carry out a temporary rearrangement of middle and junior medical staff clinics with subsequent information management clinics.

IV.Evaluation of work and responsibility

Assessment of the main nurse held the head physician clinics on the results of the analysis on the basis of quantitative performance indicators, compliance with the basic official documents, rules of labor discipline, moral and ethical conduct.Home nurse outpatient clinics is liable for the non-material values, for poor quality work and erroneous actions in the activity and in the activity of the whole nursing institutions.