Organization of the work of nurse

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Clinic refers to health facilities such as outpatient, which provide outpatient medical care and carry out preventive measures, the purpose of which - to reduce the incidence of the population.

Currently distinguish child health, dental polyclinics, outpatient clinics, outpatient departments in hospitals and dispensaries.To carry out health care in secondary and higher education institutions, there are student health center.Industrial enterprises also provided polyclinic assistance.Regional and large general hospitals incorporate consultative and diagnostic polyclinic.In large cities organized clinic to undergo a preventive medical examination (preliminary and periodic).

There are self-supporting clinics (dental, gynecological, multi), providing paid services.Health Service (NFM) - it is an urban clinic, which serves only to workers of transport, construction, industrial organizations.

Recently, in connection with the construction of high-rise residential buildings markedly reduced range of public ser

vices.The concept of "power clinic" includes the number of its visits per shift, except for dental clinics, where power is determined by the number of dentists.According to the power and purpose of the structure of different types of clinics varies.It means that the specification needs of the population in patient care - is 12.9 visits per person per year, which is 250 visits per shift per 10 thousand inhabitants..The clinics calculated the required number of experts, which takes into account the specification of load on 1 hour of operation.

medical district - the main link of the polyclinic, which includes 1,700 people served by the district physician.The activity involves the provision of medical care clinic workers construction industry, which in its territory are organized guild therapeutic department.

Office layout defined objectives, scope and nature of the activities of health centers, can be different.Clinics are constructed as freestanding buildings, and combined with a hospital, in the second case, they are connected unit, which houses the diagnostic and therapeutic department (X-ray, physiotherapy, functional diagnostics, laboratory and others.).

Thus, the above-mentioned surveys can take place both outpatient and inpatients.It was found that economically beneficial polyclinics for 1000 visits per shift.

The main units include clinics Registry, Department of prevention, first-aid reception office, specialized doctors' offices, medical and diagnostic department, laboratory, Department of Rehabilitation, study of health education and hygiene education, office accounting and medical statistics, the pharmaceutical information service.

The main function of the registry is a uniform distribution of patients visiting doctors during the day.For this purpose, all registers are formed and recorded the patient to the doctor for a specific time.At the clinic in the community for each patient card issued outpatient (form number 025 / y).It contains all the necessary information about the results of the survey, doctors appointments, guidelines on the treatment and nutrition, etc.. Medical outpatient cards are in the registry, their placement is based on the principle of the district.The structure of the registration unit includes an information desk, a department of the provisional and the next record, paperwork department.There are also assist the department at home and archive, where medical hospital records are kept for 25 years.The area of ​​the registry should be from 85 to 125 m2.

Preventive department consists of first-aid reception office, female viewing, health education office.There is also a study, which organizes and monitors!conducting medical examination of the population.Medical history of the study department identifies patients with increased morbidity.

In order to stay in the clinic patients was minimal, organized first-aid reception office.In addition, doctors are exempted from the non-core functions.There are three nurses and two medical assistants with experience of at least three years.In accordance with the capacity of clinics by the Cabinet of operation.For example, in health centers, which serve more than 40 thousand. Residents, office work is carried out in two shifts.The functions of the office are receiving pre-hospital care of patients who visit the clinic again, but do not have a ticket to see a doctor;temperature measurement of blood pressure.In addition, being the reception of patients who need medical clearance documents.Employees of the office make referrals to laboratory studies, fill in the passport of the medical documents, which are then signed by the attending physician or head of the department.If necessary, the office staff provide patient reception at the doctor.The list of first-aid equipment reception office include: work desk, couch for patients, height meter, medical scales, a set of spatulas, thermometers, blood pressure measuring apparatus, first-aid emergency.The main document is the cabinet "Journal of registration of outpatients," in which, in addition to the passport data in the column "Diagnosis" is celebrated occasion the patient's treatment, and in the "Assignment" column - carried out therapeutic measures and recommendations.Employees receive first-aid cabinet should be systematically keep a diary of activity of average medical staff area should be between 15 to 20 m2.Admission of patients in specialized offices should be carried out during the time of the clinic to ensure that employees receive manufacturing organizations, but working shifts (characteristic of some other units clinics will be stipulated in the future).

One of the main parts of the work is the work of district health center physicians.There are two types of post-therapist: District and shop.For the first fixed site in the territorial area of ​​activity of clinic for a second - shop organized on the building, industrial, transportation companies, which do not have their medical unit.Working hours local therapist strictly distributed.Thus, patients assigned to receive 6.5 hours of which 3.5 hours doctor working in the clinic, and 3 hours in-home assistance.Each patient local therapist spends an average of 35 minutes.In accordance with the regime clinic patients pre-recorded to the doctor to visit them at home.The local therapist can assist on calls within 21 hours. Then, this feature provides emergency medical service.At a considerable distance from the place of residence of the patient clinics local doctor is delivered by special transport.When the doctor himself has a blood pressure measurement device (tonometer) and the universal first aid kit.Appointments local therapist performs a nurse.The company preventive work of the shop area doctor is carried out in a specially designated area.Most of his time guild physician spends in the clinic, where the patient receives.Each enterprise must be fixed health center, which employs a paramedic, whose activities are controlled by the guild doctor section.