Acute respiratory failure symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

acute respiratory failure (ARF) - a pathological condition in which the body can not provide delivery to organs and tissues required amount of oxygen.APSilber (1978) determines the ARF even easier: the inability of the lungs to turn the venous blood into the arterial.

most common causes of acute respiratory failure: injuries of the chest and respiratory organs, accompanied by fractures of the ribs, pneumatic or hemothorax, disorders of the central mechanisms of regulation of respiration in case of injuries and diseases of the brain;airway obstruction;reduction of operating surface of the lungs, such as pneumonia, blood circulation disorder in a small circle (shock lung, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema), an overdose of drugs.

Signs of acute respiratory failure: dyspnea, cyanosis (not for bleeding and anemia), tachycardia, agitation, followed by progressive lethargy, loss of consciousness, the humidity of the skin, their crimson hue, the inclusion of an auxiliary breathing muscles.

When progressive respiratory failure, hypertension hypotension replaced, often develops bradiritmiya, and with symptoms of cardiovascular disease death occurs.Resuscitation in the terminal phase of ARF are ineffective, so it is especially important timely intensive therapy ODN.Prior to clarify the causes of ARF is strictly forbidden to enter the patient drugs hypnotic, sedative or neuroleptic action, as well as drugs.

If minor illnesses and injuries, and occur with ARF often simple measures to help.For fractures of the ribs (1-2) pain relief solution dipyrone 50% 2-3 ml baralgina, Trigana, giving oxygen through a mask stops or significantly mitigates the ODN.Violation of upper airway (foreign body, saliva, blood, mucus) eliminate any suction or gauze pad at a time, followed by the introduction of air and oxygen inhalation.If it is possible, it is a paramedic reanimation brigade "first aid".All patients with acute respiratory failure admitted to hospitals, depending on the cause of ARF.