Modes of stay of patients in a psychiatric hospital

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

in a psychiatric hospital, depending on the mental alertness, the following modes may be provided.

mode "A" - mode enhanced medical supervision of patients with depression, the darkened state of consciousness, patients in stage katagonicheskogo excitation, etc.

mode "B" -. The usual psychiatric observation, provides continuous monitoring of nursing the behavior of patients inin the department.

mode "B" - the combination of observations from the principles of trust.It is widely used unconstrained patient, the possibility of independent arrival and departure of medical-labor workshop, as well as the free movement within them.Because the psychiatric hospital occupational therapy is widely used, there are medical and employment workshops at the hospital.Work is a powerful tool for the treatment of the mentally ill.The aim of nursing is to monitor patients, activity of the patients in the right direction and the generation of an in patients with right action.Hospital staff seeks to bring together a team o

f patients, noted their common interests, it helps patients develop the right skills behavior instead misconduct caused by mental illness.Therapeutic work improves the health of the patient, inspires confidence and brings moral satisfaction;work invigorates and distracts patients from their painful experiences.Typically, patients are attracted to the uncomplicated manual labor.They may be engaged in carpentry, bookbinding, cardboard case, mending clothes, sewing, knitting, embroidery, painting, manufacture of dolls, toys, even agricultural labor.It is necessary that the patient can perform the type of work that he offered to his inclinations, he replied.If the patient does not like his job, or he can not cope with it, medical staff about their observations reported to your doctor, and the doctor selects the very form of occupational therapy, based on the nurse's observations.It must be remembered that the question of which of the patients can work and who is not, the doctor decides.There are such a condition in a patient when he needed to lie down.For such patients the doctor gives explanations caregiver staff and precise recommendations, as in some cases should not be hard to force the patient to stand, it is necessary to leave it in the bed, in the other cases (most often) it is necessary to gently and patiently to persuade the patient to get up and go to work, orthe hall day stay.

the treatment of the mentally ill use kultterapiyu.Patients can play board games (checkers, chess, dominoes), reading newspapers, for them organize film screenings, lectures and reading books aloud, followed by a discussion, which was attended by the medical staff.The brain of patients is in the active state.It should be borne in mind that kultterapiya applies only to those patients in whom it allows the doctor.Medical staff should take an active part in the recovery of patients and, in addition to these methods, use of psychotherapy.

Treatment word is of great importance.Under the influence of words may occur profound changes in the body.In addition, nurses must choose on the book's interests to read or special literature to reading in patients appeared cheerful mood, and they mastered the right thoughts from books.

mode "G" - open door mode.Maximum and minimum of unconstrained patient isolation.There is already appointed, if possible, the physical exercises (exercises, physiotherapy, etc.).

mode "D" - outpatients.Most work in the clinics perform nurses.This implementation of medical doctor's prescriptions, inspection, monitoring, home care.In the countryside, in the case of distance, an important role belongs to the assistant medical facility who first sees a mentally ill person, he has emergency assistance, notify the local doctor and self-directs him to a psychiatric hospital.

task of the nurse of the department is to monitor the timely and correct implementation of all doctor's appointments, nursing, proper distribution of food needed order and cleanliness in the room.It keeps track of product storage (transmission) of patients.Patients should be kept clean, and bed linen too.This is especially important as mental patients tend to pollute himself.

Procedural sister perform therapeutic purpose of doctors: producing an injection, distribute medication, make compresses, dressings, prescribed medication from the pharmacy dates, etc.

ward and the nurse on duty to monitor their condition, feed them, walk with them, watching them clean, check, as they take a bath, observe the behavior of the patients, their conversations and actions, taking, if need be, all measuresdepending on the circumstances present at the time of family visits.If the nurse is difficult, how to do it in any case, it is better to invite a doctor to operate on their own can only be experienced nurses for a long time working in the office.