The attitude to the mentally ill

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

Mentally ill expresses absurd thoughts and incorrectly perceives the world, but he understands how to treat him around - good or bad.Good attitude is pleasant to the patient, and for him it is often thanks the staff for recovery;on the contrary, a bad attitude excites him, he is offended and angry.A kind word always facilitates the patient's condition worsens careless word for his illness.Hospital staff while working in the office must always be calm, courteous, friendly.At the entrance to the Chamber need to greet the sick and the care - say goodbye.Medical staff must remain constant peace of mind, self-control, patience, on the face should not affect any illness or irritation.The sad kind of effect on patients who may be depressed.Talking should be quiet, but do not whisper, as patients may be suspicious.No need to slam the doors, rattle dishes, the key when unlocking and locking the doors.Type of each employee must be neat.Do not the workers wear brooches and bracelets to avoid shearing of their patie

nts in a state of excitement.

You can not treat patients with compassion.It excites them and, on the contrary, contributes to the emergence of new delusions, feelings of hopelessness own state.For the patient should be treated on the "you", to call him by his name and patronymic.This helps build trust in the staff.It is impossible to show a preference to someone, it only cares.It is not necessary to take offense at the patient mentally, since its behavior depends on the disease activity change his brain.Mentally ill does not understand jokes;also can not execute any order patients to visit their relatives.These requests are caused by wrong thoughts, desires to commit suicide, ridiculous suspicion of the patient.These questions are decided by a doctor.

All personnel department should urge the patients trust, only then it will be possible to know all the patients thought that facilitates care and assistance.Do not argue and quarrel with the patient, as the patient feels right, and you can not convince him.If the patient expresses the wrong thoughts, it is better to remain silent or to talk about something else.Do not ask the patient questions about family, material and official position, because the patient will see the intention - carried out a secret investigation about his alleged crimes.

should not support circumlocution excited and chatty manic patients.Such patients can talk endlessly;But if listening to them, it will push them to new ideas and new.In such cases it is necessary to avoid prolonged listening to patients under any pretext.Since manic patients there are angry, you need to do this delicately.Even with the ability to have to remain silent, as the patient may think that they are unhappy, do not want to talk.Therefore, it is necessary that the staff was always friendly attitude.Of course, if sister sees that the patient wants to talk, if the patient himself calls it a conversation, you should never shy away.

Nursing care becomes very difficult when it is suspicious and mistrustful.

Sometimes the patient refuses to comply with the established regime: for example, does not get out of bed, do not want to go for a walk.In such cases, the sister must try to convince the patient to do what is required from the patient.It is necessary to say that it is necessary for health, they will be happy with his family, you need to set an example for its neighbors in the ward, and then he will recover soon and return home.Sometimes the patient does not realize that he is sick;argue with him is impossible, the patient is left alone and report to the doctor who will take action.But as a rule, it passes quickly, as the impact of the collective strength of the remaining patients.When the patient is not subject to the regime, but he sees that the other patients comply with it, and it is under their influence begins to observe mode.

Staff can not speak to each other with patients about their personal affairs, hospital events, incidents CAP life.In a patient with delusions may cause flash drive, because it misunderstands the conversation and take it to your account.

Watch patients need quickly, in order to avoid excessive emotion patients.Day and night, medical personnel should be equally alert.At night you can not sleep, otherwise it can lead to disaster.The patient can use the fact that the staff was asleep, and attack the neighbor's bed or harm himself.

Observation and care of the sick in various pathological diseases

nurse should be careful if the patient begins to moan, moan, if a fever and his body temperature rose, rash, swelling;such cases should be immediately reported to your doctor, to prevent the possible start of any infectious disease or allergy.

especially important to follow the natural settings of the patients.Many psychiatric patients are constipation, for which the accumulated putrefaction stool.For constipation give enemas.The nurse should organize a post in the corridor for a nurse, and she writes when he was chair or urination in patients, which leaves behind a cal patient, whether it worms, blood impurities.

Patients may be diarrhea.Feces of patients examined in the laboratory to avoid infection;upon confirmation of the pathology of patients transferred to the infectious disease clinic, which will organize the individual post;if this is not possible the patient (if violent) is isolated in his office.

nurse must establish strict control over bowel and bladder in the unconscious and bedridden patients.Raunchy sick shit and urine for yourself, take under personal care.

Sometimes patients can be urinary retention as a complication of treatment with neuroleptics.If the patient does not urinate, he lowered urine catheter.

In the women's ward nurse is a notebook of the occurrence of menstruation in female patients.On irregular cycles, absence of menstruation or prolonged menstruation, accompanied by bleeding, you need to report to the doctor.