Nutrition Mental Illness

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

very strictly follow the diet of patients, they weighed.If the patient has lost, take appropriate measures.If recovered without improving overall well-being, it is an unfavorable sign.During the meal the staff ensures that the patient is taking the food which he was appointed physician.For example, patients with bad teeth get food prepared in a shabby;patients with diseases of internal organs appoint a special table.Weak patients in need of assistance, they eat slowly, the food should be pulverized, soak the bread, crusts cut off.If the patient is very weak, the nurse feeding him with a spoon, and ensures that the patient swallowed the food, and gives only half a spoon.The head of the bed patient lift and support, food should not be hot.Sometimes the patient refuses poor, this is evidence of the severity of his condition.Refusal of food is due to various reasons:

• dreary patients with the desire to commit suicide by refusing food because of the desire to starve themselves, they think of death as of ha


• patients with delusions of persecution refuse to eat, afraid of poison;

• can refuse and patients with hypochondriacal syndrome, because they think that they have stuck together and became impassable intestine;

• patients with hallucinations refuse to eat on the orders of "voices";

• patients with delusions of self-incrimination refuse to eat because they feel unworthy of the care that they provided;they claim that they have no right to eat;

• others do not eat because of the opposition that they have everything they offer.

In such cases, the patient persuaded to eat.It requires perseverance and patience, and so you need to find out the reason for the refusal to eat.It may be useful to offer the patient the food, which does not fall "poison" (eggs in shell) - then such a patient sometimes takes and eats it.It is possible in front of the patients with medical staff to try his food, sometimes also helps.When counteracting any persuasion do not work, then leave the food and go.Satisfied that he was not paying attention, the patient begins to eat.The other, indifferent to the whole patient, not eat on their own, but from the hands of a nurse there is, sometimes humbly, sometimes with coercion.

Some patients do nutritional or enema administered appetite-up 20% caffeine solution - 1 ml subcutaneously in 3-5 minutes and then injected with 5% solution of sodium amytal intravenously (2-3).Ready to be 20 ml 40% glucose solution, since if the patient will not be able to feed, enter glucose intravenously.If the patient obstinately refuses to eat, fed through a tube.The probe is inserted through the nose, pre-lubricated with glycerin.Enter up to the mark indicated on the probe at the outer end of the funnel and put it lifted;before you enter the nutrient mixture, make sure that the probe is in the stomach and not in the trachea (the patient breathes freely, face the usual color, no cough).The introduction of air into the stomach will rumble characteristic.Then pour the mixture into the stomach a little trickle.The composition includes a mixture of milk, soup, egg yolk, butter, sugar, salt, and other nutrients.Usually administered up to 1 liter with feeding mixture 1-2 times.By gavage start on the 3rd day if the patient refuses to eat.If the probe can not enter through the nose, through the mouth, but before that clean removable teeth.