What is the purpose school

main school lesson - the ability to live in peace. various school subjects somehow aimed at this goal.In the old days it was thought that the school should only learn to read, write, count and help to remember some information about the world.I heard one prominent teacher explained how in his school days had to memorize by rote definition of an excuse: "The pretext - that word having the value of space, direction, time, or expressing more abstract relationship that connects a noun or pronoun in the adjectival or adverbial sensewith other words in the sentence. "-Of course, he did not know anything, although remember that definition by heart.Do you recognize only when under study makes sense for you.One of the tasks of the school - make the subject so interesting and real to the children wanted him to learn and remember.

Comprehension by means of books and conversations rather abstract.Any knowledge is best comprehended in practice.Working in the school store, counting the change and taking account of t

he book, children are better able to absorb Week arithmetic than one month from the textbook with abstract numbers.

There is no point in knowledge, if you do not know how to be happy, to get along with people and to engage in favorite work.A good teacher tries to understand each child to help him overcome his weaknesses and grow harmonious person.A child who lacks self-confidence, you need to give a chance to succeed.Hooligan and upstart must figure out how to get the recognition he craves, with the help of diligent work.A child who does not know how to make friends, to be sociable and attractive.Those who seem lazy, you need to help find something that interests him.

If the school is limited and shortened dry programs - everyone to read the book to read from page 17 to page 23, and then all of a textbook of arithmetic to solve the example on page 128 - it will not achieve much.For the average well-adapted child, it may be enough.But clever - too boring, and for lagging behind in development - is too low.The boy who hates books, such a program can not hurt to pull a pigtail girl sitting in front of him.But such training does not help a girl who feels lonely or boy in need of attention and friendship.