Ultrahigh frequency therapy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

UHF-therapy is a holistic healing method, which uses the impact of the alternating electric field of ultrahigh frequency (UHF), applied to the problem areas of the body of the patient via the capacitor plates.In carrying out the procedures UHF-therapy use such devices as UHF 30 UHF-66, "Screen 1" UHF 8-30 "Undaterm" (universal device average power, acting with the capacitor techniques, induction loop cable and configured), a stationary device "screen 2".These devices (portable and stationary) is connected to an AC voltage of 220 V or AC 127 V. The electrical circuit of the apparatus consists of a power transformer, a circuit that is inductively coupled to a therapeutic device having capacitor plates - electrodes through which the effects of pulsed fieldUHF on the problem (pathological lesions) patient location.

capacitor electrodes plates are:

• circular metal plate of small size with a coating of insulating material (plastic, rubber, organic glass);

• Flexible soft rectangular plates of 150, 300 and

600 cm2.

procedure was performed using two capacitors of platinum, which has a transverse, longitudinal or angled with respect to the body surface, the distance between them should be less than the diameter of the plate might otherwise occur increasing field strength and the overheating of the skin of the patient(up to scalding).In the case where the capacitor electrodes are arranged transversely of the plate, the electric field lines emerging when the apparatus penetrate the entire thickness of the hearth to the patient's body.This technique is used in the deep location of the lesion (pathological).

In another case where the pathological focus is on the surface of the patient, the capacitor plate electrodes are mounted longitudinally.By this method the electric field lines are located superficially, but cover the pathological center at a shallow depth, not gouged.

In clinical practice most often used the first method with transverse arrangement of capacitor plates.

During the UHF-therapy procedures, be sure to observe such condition between the plate electrode and the surface of the patient's body leave the air gap, the amount of which is determined by the depth of the pathological focus.For example, when the surface location of the lesion is established in the air gap of 0.5-1 cm, and with a deep -. 2 to 4 cm The overall size of the gap under both plates should not exceed 6 cm when using portable devices.In addition, the air gap should be maintained unchanged during the whole procedure.This is achieved by the use of special perforated gasket (i.e. with small openings) or felt of a certain thickness.

During the UHF children and adolescents, these procedures are fixed on the pads, plates, electrodes, similar to the act and by using soft flexible electrodes.

When the UHF procedures comply with this condition the air gap between one of electrode plates and pathological focus should be minimal - 2 to 1 cm, and the gap at the other electrode - large, but not more than 4 cm for example, at the rear of pneumonia.segment of the lower lobe of the right lung-plate electrode has a front with an air gap of 4 cm, and the rear -. 2 cm

depending on the pathological center at procedures used UHF plate electrodes №1,2 or 3.

when performingUHF dosing procedures produce the electric field on the lesion (abnormal) on the output of the corresponding apparatus for the thermal sensations of the patient, as well as exposure time.

In medical practice UHF procedures on the basis of patients distinguish sensations dose: athermal, oligotermicheskie and thermal.At a dose of athermal heat buildup in the pathological focus is immaterial, therefore, the thermal skin receptors is not perceived, and as a result the patient there is no sensation of heat.For athermal and oligotermicheskoy dose during UHF procedures typically use the smallest of the corresponding device output.In the case where the patient noted a feeling of intense heat, increase the air gap within acceptable limits.

reduce the thermal dose due to violations of resonance, guided by the faint glow of neon light bulbs, introduced in the electric field UHF, it is not recommended.

Instructions Russian Ministry of Health found that the effect of the electric field UHF adults in the face, the neck is carried out at a current capacity of 20-30-40 W, in the chest, abdominal cavity and small gas - 70-80-100 Won the small joints of the hands, wrist, elbow, shoulder to - 30-40 W, on ankles, knees, hips - 70-80- 100 watts.

During the UHF procedures in children and adolescents impact power is set depending on the age.For example, when exposed to an electric field UHF in the face and neck set 15-20-30 W, in the chest, abdomen - 30-40-70 W, the upper and lower limbs - 15-20-30-40 watts.To maintain a constant air gap during UHF Tera procedures in children and adolescents between the electrode plates and the surface of the body is placed, felt or flannel thick circles 1, 2, 3 cm, depending on the air gap.

procedure is performed every day, but sometimes in a day.In the entire course of treatment UHF therapy administered 5 to 15 procedures in adults and from 4 to 12 - children.

mechanism of action of UHF field is relatively complex and is expressed in the oscillatory motions of charged particles followed by physical and chemical changes in the cell and the molecular structure of tissues in the patient's exposure to the pathological focus.As a result of the processes occurring in the superficial and deep tissues under the influence of UHF field, there is heat with varying intensity, depending on the power supplied to the electrodes current-plates.At the same time the use of the UHF field in nonthermal dosage according to the procedures approved by the Russian Ministry of Health has expressed oscillatory action.Shut off the heat and oscillatory effect is almost impossible, so the responses of a patient's body when exposed to the pathological lesions associated with the combined effect of an electric field UHF, but some methods, the procedures can create advantages of thermal or ostsillyarnogo action.

conducted in the USSR in 1970-1980.specific clinical studies have been reliably established that the UHF electric field during their respective procedures has actions such as:

• strengthening the blood and lymph circulation in the pathological focus;

• dehydration inflamed tissue;

• stimulation functions retikuloendote-lialnoy system, increased activity and intensity of phagocytosis;

• a marked increase in the number of calcium ions in the inflammation;

• reduction of vital functions of pathogenic bacteria, slowing the absorption of toxic products from the source of inflammation;

• strengthening the processes of formation of the protective barrier of the elements of connective tissue;

• antispastic effect on the smooth muscles of the stomach, intestines, gall bladder;

• a marked stimulation of bile secretion;

• certain decrease in the secretion of bronchial glands, accelerate the regeneration of nerve cells during inflammatory and degenerative and traumatic injuries;

• dilation of the capillaries, arterioles;

• acceleration of blood flow in the pathological focus;

• reduction of high blood pressure (often manifested bradycardia);

• increase in glomerular filtration rate;

• increased blood flow in the kidney area.

the above studies scientifically justified following the indications for the use of UHF-therapy:

• acute inflammatory processes in organs and systems;

• spinal cord injury and peripheral nerve;

• sciatica;

• neuralgia;

• polio;

• encephalitis;

• myelitis during periods of subacute and chronic course;

• Raynaud's disease;

• occlusive disease;

• acute and subacute inflammation of the uterus and appendages.

Studies conducted in specialized clinics, revealed the following contraindications:

• malignant neoplasms;

• systemic blood diseases;

• heart failure II-III degree;

• aortic aneurysm;

• hypotension (low blood pressure-resistant);

• tendency to bleeding;

• myocardial infarction;

• pulmonary tuberculosis in an active phase.