Examples of assignments of UHF - therapy procedures

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

1. Acute otitis sided.Exposure to electric-field UHF 40 W, oligotermicheskaya phase two plate electrodes number 1, one plate round shape in the area in front of the external auditory canal, the other - on the mastoid air gap - from 1 to 1.5 cm

2.. Exacerbation of chronic bronchitis.The impact of the UHF electric field 100 watt oligotermicheskaya dose, apply the two-electrode plate number 2, to establish a cross - one on the chest, front right of the sternum, the second to fix the back of the interscapular region.

Studies under the scientific basis established the following indications:

• hypertension stage I and II;

• chronic hepatitis;

• sciatica;

• traumatic arthritis;

• deforming arthrosis, arthritis;

• inflammatory infiltrate;

• abrasions;

• abscess.

air gap underneath each electrode is not more than 3 cm, the duration of exposure - 10.07.12 minutes during one procedure, daily.In the entire course of treatment prescribed by 10 to 12 procedures.

3. Hepatitis, a mild form of 14-16-th da

y of illness.Influence on the pathological center UHF electric field of 40 W, setting oligotermicheskuyu dose used plate electrodes № 3 transversely to the region of the liver with an air gap of 2-3 cm. The duration of exposure of 10 to 15 minutes a day.In the entire course of treatment prescribed by 10 to 12 procedures.

in physiotherapy departments specialized clinics are also used cell phones, generating a pulsed electric field UHF.The method of treatment in such a zero was developed in the Soviet Union, IAAbrikosov.For this method is characterized by the action of the electric field UHF in the form of individual pulse-parcel duration 2 or 8 ms.

Medical practice of pulsed field UHF showed that during the procedure:

• there is no increase in tissue temperature in the pathological focus;

• more steadily reduced blood pressure in case of increase in its initial state;

• intensify the exchange-trophic processes, and to a large extent.

In pulse mode, the impact on the pathological center high maximum electric field UHF in a short time if there is a short pause creates the possibility of an intense action of the oscillator in the absence of significant thermal effect.

Technique of treatments using pulsed electric field UHF is the same as when using a continuous electric field UHF.

Contraindications - the same as in the conventional UHF-therapy.

NEP in the destination UHF indicate the pulse width and strength of the anode current.

Hypertensive disease stage I.Exposure to a pulsed electric field (PEF) UCH using two plate electrodes number 3, which are secured with gaps 4, see the front of the solar plexus, a cross and 2 cm in the rear (also cross).current pulse duration - 8 ms, the strength of the anode current - 10-12 mA.The duration of exposure to a pathologic nidus - 5 minutes (one procedure), daily, administered for the entire course of 6 to 10 treatments.

All procedures UHF-therapy, the patient is taking, or lying on a wooden couch, or sitting - depending on the type of disease.