Sanitary and educational work on FAP

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Disease Prevention - responsible and laborious affair.An important part of prevention is a medical examination.For it is closely related health education, whose main objective is to improve the health culture of the rural population.

Understanding each individual causes and consequences of diseases and injuries increases earlier uptake of medical care for acute and chronic diseases, excludes the cases of self-medication, allows consciously carry out appropriate measures personal and social prevention.

Health education - a set of educational, educational, promotional and outreach activities aimed at the promotion of healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, preservation and promotion of health, increasing work capacity of people, the extension of active life.

hygiene education should take into account gender, age, climatic and geographical features, national customs, traditions and other factors.

In its work on education of healthy lifestyles should take into account the medical assistant and the living

conditions of the population, which includes the tangible and intangible factors (social, political, spiritual and moral).

Russian Ministry of Health Order of sanitary-prosvetitelyyuy work for nurses is provided on a monthly basis to pay four o'clock promote healthy lifestyles in respect of working time with the planning and conduct of the report on the work done.

In our country, are widely used methods of mass, group and individual health education information that may be brought to the public in oral, print and graphic forms.

In order to ensure a high level of health goal of every health worker in their work - be based on preventive orientation.

in health education tasks include:

• dissemination of medical and hygienic knowledge;

• education of sanitation and hygiene practices in order to maintain and promote health;

• increase of sanitary culture.