Organization dressings

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

Ward sister and nurse lead ambulant patients or bedridden patients brought in according to the schedule of work dressing, help them remove outer clothing and underwear, sit or lay on the dressing table in a position that is easy to manipulate.

Duty first dressing sister - feeding a sterile instrument forceps doctor and a second sister, prepare and submit forceps vlazhnovysyhayuschih ointment or bandage.

After bandaging ward sister and a male nurse helps a patient to wear clean underwear, outerwear, discharged or transported it to the House.

1. Burns face, scalp, ears.

Produced bandaging patient in the sitting position or lying down.The first sister feeds the doctor reniform basin with anatomical tweezers, pointed scissors, balloons with hydrogen peroxide and furatsilina, dry cloth.With superficial burns produce wound toilet and use the open method of treatment (ie. E. Do not close the wound dressings).With deep burns in the process of rejection of necrotic tissue is a plentiful suppuration, so the

first sister should double the amount of material fed to the doctor for wound toilet and add 2-4 turundy for processing the external auditory meatus, if necessary.The second sister, as directed by the physician must apply ointment or moist-dressing drying up and strengthen its elastic bandage or gauze.

2. Local burns to the hand and forearm.

patient sits down on the couch.The second sister, puts his hand on the patient manipulation table, covered with a sterile oilcloth.Wetting the bandage antiseptic solution, poured into sterile mug douches, and then cuts the bandage scissors, tweezers and remove it emits gas.Then change the sterile oilcloth on the table manipulation.The first sister takes forceps doctor reniform basin with its integrated sterile surgical forceps and scissors Cooper Beads with solutions and dry.If the patient experiences severe pain, the first sister takes the cloth moistened with a solution of 1-2% solution of novocaine to wrap the wrist of the patient for 2-3 minutes.A new ointment or drying up the wet-bandage second sister puts on doctor's instructions after the wound toilet.Bandages applied to each finger separately, strengthen the elastic web-tubular bandage № 2.

second nurse prepares the patient a foot bath (5 liters of water with the addition of a 5% solution of potassium permanganate before slaborozovoy color), soak the bandage, the patient lays on the couch,Lister bandage scissors cuts and remove it with tweezers.Further procedure analogous dressing for burns brush.

always performed at the dressing table covered with a sterile sheet.Dressings provides a team of three people: physician, physician assistant, and a second dressing sister.Each of them enjoys a separate sterile instrument.Remove the bandage thrown into a basin or disposable paper bag.Used tool collects second sister, wash it under running water and puts in the basin with disinfectant solution.At the end of the second wound toilet sister puts her ointment or wet-drying bandage contour.

5. A milestone necrectomy - surgery to remove dead tissue.The first sister is preparing further surgical tweezers (2 pcs.), Cooper's scissors (2 pcs.), A pointed scalpel, hemostats (2-4 pcs.), Needle holder with needles, sterile silk, chromic catgut.This tool it provides the doctor with the distance they necrotic tissue.The second nurse helps the doctor and bandage.

Responsibilities dressing sisters:

• cut and remove the bandage, the top layer of bandage, dropping them into a bowl or paper bag disposable;

• soak and remove the lower layers of bandage, dropping them into a bowl or the same bag;

• impose on the order of a physician or a new gauze bandage vlazhnovysyhayuschih after they burn wound toilet or other manipulations on it;

• strengthen the tubular bandage, elastic bandage or gauze.When dressings are used only sterile tools designed for each patient, in order to prevent the transfer of nosocomial infection.