Jobs in ambulatory dressing

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

in the surgical dressing cabinet clinic there are a number of differences.

The duties of the sisters include delineation of the flow of patients in primary and repeated dressings.It is advisable to invite one of the primary patient in the doctor's office and a re-in dressing room.While a doctor familiar with the history of the primary disease of the patient, gives him a medical certificate, and prescribe treatment, sister-in dressing removes the bandage from the wound re sick.Remove the bandage is collected in a tray and together with the other dirty materials thrown into a bucket with a lid.Weakened and fearful patients necessarily have to be laid.Dressing in the outpatient dressing fixed with a bandage, plaster, kleolom.It is necessary to find out from the doctor's appointment bandage whether it should only protect the surface of the wound from the external environment, or strictly to fix, maintain or compress the affected area.Methods dressings in outpatient dressing does not differ from the techniqu

es dressings in a hospital.Status aseptic maintained as strictly as in the hospital.

Cleaning dressing

Daily wet cleaning produce twice before starting work and at the end of the working day.

The current cleaning is carried out in the course of dressing, picking up fallen on the floor cloth, beads, and after each patient.After bandaging patient with purulent process produces extraordinary disinfection dressing once a week produce greater (final) cleaning with washing walls, Iola and equipment antiseptic solution;Spring Cleaning (disinfection) plan 1 time per month.When a patient with a dressing of anaerobic infection such treatment produce unplanned.

Preparation dressing for further work

After cleaning the dressing nurse with a nurse preparing and laying in Bix dressing, linen and tools.Bix nurse delivers the sterilization.For dressing clock readiness for urgent re-bandaging nurse sterilizes the necessary tools and tool covers the dressing table.

required reserve tools: syringes with needles of different sizes from the most subtle to dyudi needles, catheters, rubber and metal, needle holders and needles, drainage tubes, beakers, measuring cups, tweezers, straight and curved scissors, hemostats.In addition, at night and on weekends dressing Bix sister leaves with sterile material and linen at the rate of one Bix at night, two slut day.Consequently, on Friday evening left 5 Bix for work until Monday.Each Bikse nurse makes the inscription, when to consume the content.Before leaving work sister fills cans with antiseptic and disinfectant solution, check if there are any in the closet necessary medicines, if necessary, writes them to a pharmacy to get the next day.At the end of the sister dressing includes germicidal lamp, closes the door.The key is kept by the duty nurse of surgical department.