After six more changes .

child becomes more independent from their parents, sometimes it even happens impatient with them.He was more interested in what they say and do other children.It develops a sense of responsibility about what he considers important.It is sometimes guilty conscience because of the actions, it would seem quite pointless, like stepping over a crack in the sidewalk.His start to be interested in topics that are not related to him personally, such as arithmetic or motor unit.In short, he starts to stand apart from the family and seek his place as a responsible citizen of the world.

Think about how this differs from the child three to five years.The three-year child openly admires his parents.He believes in all that they say they want to eat the same way as they dress in what they pick for him.He uses these words, even if you do not understand them.

Millions of years ago, our ancestors sooner reached physical maturity, as it does in animals.They have developed an adult's body, but the mind was probably the

same as our five-year, whose life is based mainly on the imitation of adults.Only much later in humans developed the ability to become independent from their parents, live in collaboration with others, according to the rules, to control themselves and come up with a new one.An individual takes a lot of years to learn in an adult living in our complex world.Perhaps that is why people have such a long period of physical growth.The baby quickly grows in size as the animal, and it happens to a teenager during puberty.But between these two periods of growth is slowing, especially in the two years before the age of puberty.As if nature says: "Look!Before you acquire a strong body and developed adult instincts, you have to: first learn to take care of themselves, control their desires and instincts, taking into account the desires others to learn to live with others, to understand the laws of behavior in the world outside of your family, to explore what livingpeople".