The device is portable mage 30

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

portable device MAG-30 has successfully passed clinical trials in a number of clinics of Moscow (GVKG them. NN Burdenko in MONICA them. MFVladimirskiy in TSOPIUV, them. Pirogov in CITO).In the study of the influence of the alternating magnetic field generated by the apparatus MAG-30, patients on neurohumoral regulation of the organism has been found that the treatment device does not have a strong direct effect on the neuroendocrine system of the organism even when the exposure time in carrying out the relevant procedures 1/3.This allows you to use the device MAG-30 with long-term treatment of chronic diseases.condition of the central nervous system of patients during the period of treatment studies led to the conclusion that the treatment unit MAG-30 has a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state of patients, which plays an important role in the recovery of patients.In addition, the autonomic nervous system of the positive dynamics of the conduction of the nerve endings were observed w

hen exposed to the spinal cord area (in the treatment unit MAG-30, osteochondrosis).

Russian Ministry of Health have been approved following the indications for the use of MAG-30 machine.

1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

• deforming osteoarthritis of the joints of the upper and lower limbs;

• osteochondrosis (with reflex and radicular syndromes);

• humeroscapular periarthrosis;

• arthritis;

• pikondilit;

• chronic osteomyelitis;

• bursitis.

• 2. Injuries of the musculoskeletal system and their implications:

• bone fracture;

• internal injuries of the joints;

• post-traumatic contracture of joints;

• wounds;

• soft tissue injuries;

• bruising;

• damage to the ligaments and muscles;

• post-traumatic edema.

3. Diseases of the sexual sphere:

• inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages in the subacute phase of the disease;

• diseases caused by hypofunction of ovaries, tuberculosis;

• menopause and premenstrual syndrome;

• complications after surgical delivery (cesarean section, a violation of the integrity of the perineum), postoperative seams, hems;

• lactostasis.

4. Diseases of the venous system of the upper and lower extremities:

• deep vein thrombosis shin - acute and chronic;

• ileofemoralny thrombosis of the lower extremity - acute and chronic;

• chronic thrombophlebitis at the stage of trophic disorders;

• thrombosis of the subclavian vein;

• varicose veins.

5. Diseases of the cardiovascular system:

• hypertension stage I and II;

• coronary heart disease;

• stable angina II and III functional class.

6. Complications of diabetes:

• diabetic angiopathy;

• diabetic polyneuropathy.

7. Dermatological diseases:

• skin conditions after plastic surgery;

• pruritic dermatoses.

Contraindications to the use of MAG-30 unit:

• inflammatory diseases in the acute phase;

• bleeding and tendency to it;

• hypotension;

• fevers;

• suppurative processes before surgical treatment;

• severe coronary heart disease;

• early postinfarction period;

• acute period of cerebral circulation;

• pregnancy;

• systemic blood diseases;

• cancer;

• thyrotoxicosis;

• diencephalic syndrome;

• presence of an implanted pacemaker in the place of impact.

Note.The presence of titanium metal structures in bone tissue after limb fracture is no contraindication to the destination device treatment at therapeutic doses.magnetic therapy procedures using MAG-30 apparatus are held by superimposing it on the work surface recommended for each disease, the patient's body area.If the area is small and the impact of treatment does not require the movement of the device, it is fixed with an elastic bandage or gauze bandage.In those cases where the pathological center region is greater than the operating surface of the machine, the impact arbitrary smooth movements performed, covering the entire lesion area.Duration of treatment for each disease listed in the instructions supplied with the unit (or in the instruction manual).Increasing the treatment time for each disease for 2-3 minutes is not critical and does not lead to any undesirable consequences.Application of MAG-30 machine can be combined with other types of physiotherapy effects, as well as to carry out the complex treatment with drugs.Before the procedure the device MAG-30, or after, you can use a variety of external agents: ointments, solutions, tinctures, therapeutic muds, creams, etc.Use during treatment apparatus infusions of herbs shown in certain diseases, improves the efficiency of the treatment.

The following general rules relating to physiotherapy:

• the procedure is preferably carried out regularly at a certain time, resting 30-60 minutes after the procedure;

• repeat for therapeutic or prophylactic treatment of magneto courses 3-4 times a year (antirecurrent courses);

• not to carry out the procedure after drinking alcohol;

• not to carry out the procedure after taking sedatives and psychotropic drugs, if taken regularly, these tools or therapeutic dose exceeds or prescribed by the doctor;

• during the course of treatment does not increase physical activity;

• not to carry out the procedure on the background of fatigue both psychological and physical.

maximum therapeutic effect of the treatment unit is marked when applied during the acute phase of the disease.In acute inflammatory process treatment unit MAG-30 start at 3-5 day from the onset of the disease or when the temperature drops to normal.In the postoperative period, after bone fractures, injuries of major joints, this unit is used on the 2-3 th day after trauma or surgery.When soft tissue injuries for the prevention of extensive bruising and swelling exposure apparatus is recommended immediately after the injury.Apparatus MAG-30 can be used to prevent frostbite complications immediately after frostbite occurred.In chronic conditions the maximum benefit from the treatment of MAG-30 unit is marked during the procedure at the time of exacerbation.In the chronic phase of the disease remission when using the device easy marked therapeutic effect.Due to the fact that the alternating magnetic field apparatus MAG-30 has a high penetrating power, the treatment can be carried out through light clothing, plaster and gauze bandage with the use of certain drugs by the attending physician.In connection with the trace mode of action of magnetic therapy on the human body expected improvement may come in 15-20 days.Severe and chronic forms of disease require re-treatment, because for one course of treatment the body can not adjust to the long period of time.A second course is held 40 days after the first if necessary.Supporting device treatments MAG-30 should be carried out 3-4 times a year.Treatments are administered in an average of 10-20 for the whole course of treatment, it is recommended to conduct the same time, preferably 1-2 hours before a meal.The first procedure is carried out length from 7 to 10 minutes, then slowly for 3-4 days, adjusted to the maximum duration of 15-20 minutes.If the patient has multiple diseases, during one course treat first one, the most difficult thing that bothers the patient most, then move to the other treatment (if they have indications for use of the same device MAG-30).Treatment of chronic diseases sometimes flows through the exacerbation of pain within the first 3-5 days, which disappear after a few treatments.This suggests restoring an adequate reaction of the nerve endings in the area of ​​exposure apparatus MAG-30 on the pathological focus.Medical practice using the device MAG-30 has shown for 20 years that when done properly, magnetic therapy treatments indicated good tolerability debilitated patients, elderly patients suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system.MAG-30 - winner of the contest "100 best goods of Russia" 1998, 1999, 2001.Exported to Europe and Asia, it has an international ISO-certified 9001-2000SE0044.