Operations on the ear

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

surgery ear made in acute purulent inflammation of the mastoid - mastoidalnaya operation (MO), chronic suppurative otitis media (attic disease) - radical surgery (RO);vnutrecherepnoe complications (thrombosis of the sigmoid sinus, epidural abscess, brain abscess, meningitis);certain types of deafness (otosclerosis), scarring in the tympanic cavity.

Mastoidalnaya operation - opening of the mastoid process - is produced during its purulent inflammation.

table tool set or between the surgeon and the assistant, or on the chest part of the patient's body, provided that it will not impede the patient's breathing.Tools should be placed on the table in the order in which they will be used during the operation.

following tools are needed for the MO: pointed scalpel, rasp, chisel Voyachek flat chisel Voyachek fluted: large, medium and small (antral) wide fluted chisel, chisel average fluted, 2 flat chisel (1 and 0.5 cm)chisel narrow forceps ear, 2 forceps, tweezers ear, 2 forceps bone, Cooper scissors, 2 tabl

espoons of bone: medium and small hammer, retractor samoderzhaschiysya 3 funnels for ears of different sizes, the probe bellied Voyachek, needle ear Voyachek 5 hemostat5 clamps for linen, 5 ml syringe, rubber bulb, elektrootsasyvatel, needle holder.

The patient should lie on his back, his head turn towards neoperiruemogo ear.A person close gauze, which should not impede breathing and limit the possibility of free observation of the patient's face.This is an important point, because at certain stages of the operating surgeon's sister operation to the request must be reported, whether facial muscle contractions - the reaction of the facial nerve on the surgeon's manipulation close to him.During the operation, a sister delivers the necessary tools, gauze, beads, ear turundy or cotton balls, pre-heated to body temperature saline rubber tank for washing wounds, including apparatus for the extraction of blood wounds or washing liquid, which is connected to the mains before the operationand diathermic apparatus when to stop bleeding from small vessels used diathermic current.At the end of the operation, if the wound is left open, the sister takes impregnated with Vaseline to turundy for lining the edges of the wound, and then diluted with mineral oil petroleum jelly to lubricate the skin around the wound, gauze balls, cotton wool for 'columnar' dressings and bandages.

columnar dressing, proposed by Professor VPWojaczek, imposed as follows: on the wound in the BTE region are placed in several layers of sterile gauze balls, which are then covered with cotton wool and together fix bandage.Bint held by the occipital region over the bandage on his forehead from the forehead over the ear opposite side to the neck, then under the chin and up behind the ear healthy hand, through the crown of the head, down through the bandage around the neck to the original position, and then turn the bandage is repeated 1-2 times.Thus, the process resembles a figure eight bandage: vertical moves through the bandage bandage fixed oblique passages from the occipital region to the forehead.Due to the alternation of moves bandage bandage turns solid, nesbivayuschayasya.