Functional responsibilities of operating and bandaging nurse

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

Job Description operating nurse

I. General part

to the position of the operating nurse appoint a person with secondary medical education, specially trained to work in operational and dressing unit.Appoint and dismiss the chief physician of the hospital on the proposal of the main nurse in accordance with applicable law.Directly subordinate to the senior operating nurse, in the preparation and during the operation - a surgeon and his assistants during the duty - duty doctor office.In their work guided by the rules and regulations for a running list of work orders and instructions of superior officers.


1. Prepare operating and participants to conduct the operation.

2. Ensures timely delivery of the patient to the operating room, its location right on the operating table and transport from the operating room.

3. Assist participants to surgery for her conduct, providing participants with the necessary tools, materials and equipment.

4. During the operation, following the t

imely return of instruments and dressings.

5. Tracks aseptically and antiseptics to all personnel who are in the operating room.

6. After the operation collects tools, recalculates them;produces the appropriate processing tools.

7. Prepares underwear, dressing and suture material, clothing, masks, instruments and apparatus for sterilization;monitors the quality of sterilization.

8. Ensures timely direction on histological and bacteriological examination of material taken during surgery on a patient.

9. Conducts the necessary accounting and reporting documentation.

10. Accepts and deliver on operational duty unit, checks for the presence of sterile linens, materials, solutions, tools, etc., necessary to watch, serviceability of equipment, the sanitary condition of the operating room.After duty counts consumed and the remaining surgical linen and materials.


Rights Operating nurse has the right to:

1. Giving orders an aide operation unit during the operation.

2. Check the volume and quality of work performed by nurses.

3. To supervise compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis during the operation.

4. Make suggestions elder sister and the operating head of the department on how to improve the organization of their work.

5. Receive information necessary to perform their duties.

6. Participate in meetings held in the hospital ward, which will address issues related to its competence.

7. Enhance professional skills improvement courses or in the workplace, as appropriate.


liable for fuzzy or untimely fulfillment of obligations stipulated by internal regulations of the hospital routine.

Work operating nurse is extremely complex and requires the definition and organization.Operating room nurse must remember the moral and legal responsibility for the complete equipment, necessary during the operation, and compliance with aseptic technique during surgery.Operating sister gets a list of upcoming planned operations before and carefully selects the appropriate set of tools and equipment.

Each scrub nurse must:

• own method of preparing sutures and dressings, blood transfusion equipment and technique;

• be able to help your doctor if the endoscopic investigations;

• Know the course all the typical operations;

• be able to apply all typical bandage, bus transport and plaster splints;

• monitor the safety and serviceability of the equipment, take care of the repair of defective equipment;

• systematically replenish operating necessary medicines, dressing, laundry and supplies;

• be directly involved in the operation as the surgeon's assistant, where necessary, to serve as an assistant;

• be impeccably neat and clean, wearing clothes made of cotton fabric, have a clean, soft hands, the skin without wounds and peeling, cut your nails short.