Radical ear surgery

August 12, 2017 17:50 | First Aid

This operation is carried out in chronic suppurative otitis media (attic disease).Table tool set or between the surgeon and the assistant, or on the chest part of the patient's body, provided that it will not impede the patient's breathing.Tools should be placed on the table in the order in which they will be used during the operation.For radical ear surgery requires the following tools: scalpel pointed scalpel eye, rasp sharp rasp blunt Killian, 3 bit Tisa: large, medium and small, rasp Freera, chisel Voyachek flat chisel Voyachek fluted: large, medium and small (antral)3 bit fluted: wide, medium and narrow, the ear forceps 2 surgical forceps, tweezers ear, eye surgical tweezers, forceps bone (Luer), Cooper scissors: eye, straight, curved, spoon bone average.

The patient should lie on his back, his head turn towards neo-periruemogo ear.A person close gauze, which should not impede breathing and limit the possibility of free observation of the patient's face.This is an important point, because at certai

n stages of the operating surgeon's sister operation to the request must be reported, whether facial muscle contractions - the reaction of the facial nerve on the surgeon's manipulation close to him.In case of vomiting during surgery scrub nurse to protect the surgical site from contamination.During the operation, a sister delivers the necessary tools, gauze, beads, ear turundy or cotton balls, pre-heated to body temperature saline rubber tank for washing wounds, including apparatus for the extraction of blood wounds or washing liquid, which is connected to the mains before the operationand diathermic apparatus when to stop bleeding from small vessels used diathermic current.If during the operation the surgeon is necessary to apply the operating optics (Gulyntranda magnifier or surgical microscope), scrub nurse, together with other staff operationally-dressing unit helps him to put a magnifying glass and frontal lamp, or install an operating microscope.Radical surgery on the ear ends suturing the wound, smearing Vaseline skin around it and the imposition of "columnar" dressing.