Terms of delivery of the patient to the operating room

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Paramedic

department staff, wearing shoe covers and gauze masks, delivery gurney with a patient in the operating room.If the patient is conscious, active, it will moved to the operating table to the stretcher, if he is in serious condition, he helped a sister and a nurse.

The patient must be put in the right position.

1. When abdominal surgery table section bodies are at the same level.The patient takes a horizontal position on the back.The lower extremities are fixed holders drumsticks, thighs, or via a belt.Upper limbs are fixed along the body or withdrawn on specific panels if necessary possible intravenous infusions.

2. Operations on the chest:

• posterolateral access to apply the provision in the stomach.All sections of the table is set at the same level.The head section can be removed, it is replaced with a headrest and shoulder pad podlobnikom, which is convenient for the anesthesiologist.Upper extremities can be lowered down to the floor and laid in a special "gamachok" made from ordinary operating sh

eets.Sometimes they fix rukoderzhatelyami along the trunk or in lead on an ad hoc panel;

• during the operation on the side panel sections are all on one level, the headrest is used for greater stability of the head, in order to prevent tilting of the patient on the back or belly mounted side stops.The legs are fixed on the panel zone.Upper limb laid outstretched on the installed panels, the other - straightened the elbow placed on the palm hand;

• when the front access to the chest position of the table - both during operations on the stomach.In operations on the neck to increase the surgical field and the convenience of surgery must be throwing the head back and lifting the upper body.All sections are mounted on the same level, remove the head section of the panel and secure the headrest with shoulder pad.The patient lies on his back, his head thrown back, lying on the headrest, which is lowered below horizontal.Upper body is on the bottom of the two shoulder pads.enclose a patient's kidney to prevent body roll deflection.

3. Operations on the upper and lower extremities.The patient as a back and in the abdomen, depending on where the alleged operative access.

4. When the central nervous system of the patient operations placed in the supine position, belly, on his side.In operations on the skull is removed the head section of the desktop panel and set the headrest, which is attached podlobnik desired size, and when the operation in the position on his back is replaced by a round headrest.

5. Operations on rectum and genitals:

• One of the key provisions of the sick - on the back with a raised or lowered head end.For better fixation is necessary to fix the legs with the help of the holders of the hips;

• with Trendelenburg position - with a lowered head end - at the beginning of the dorsal section of the table with both sides set stops.With operations in the crotch of the patient is placed on his back so that the basin was at the edge of the hip section, with lowered foot section legs bent at the hip and knee joints and fasten seat belts;

6. Urological surgery.The main point - on the side.To zoom in the surgical field and reducing the depth of the wound push lumbar cushion.In operations on the bladder and the prostate of the patient position is the same as the operations in the rectum.