August 12, 2017 17:50 | Nursing

Since 2000, magnetic therapy has been used successfully improved device -. Heat applicator magnetic vibramassazhnogo treatment of inflammatory diseases of the prostate MAVIT (earlier, in the 1990s, it was used a simple device ALP-01 "Pra" for the treatment of prostatitis).MAVIT for treating chronic prostatitis in remission stage of inflammation and in remission.Unlike previous devices ALP-01 "Pra" in MAVITe has a timer that automatically turns off the probe (it is inserted into the rectum) in 30 minutes, which removes the likelihood of overdose procedures.In addition, it changes the direction of vibration of the probe, as a result of having a more pronounced effect of massage of the prostate - enhanced prostate drainage.Among the indications for use include Mavit as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) on the background of chronic prostatitis.When developing Mavit device parameters improved, making it more effective and safe, the scope has expanded.Treatment of chronic prostatitis with Mavit carried out

in complex, often with the use of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory agents, immunomodulators, adaptogens;but in the absence of contraindications treatment can be carried out as monotherapy (MAVIT device only).

When testing Mavit following contraindications have been identified in specialized clinics:

• acute stage of inflammation in the prostate;

• Prostate abscess;

• prostate cancer;

• acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum;

• active TB of the prostate;

• suspected tuberculosis of the prostate.

Specifications Mavit

1. The surface temperature of the working area of ​​the applicator (it is introduced into the rectum, where the temperature ranges from 36 to 38 ° C) - from 37.5 to 42 ° C.

2. The peak value of the radial component of the magnetic induction of pulsed magnetic field on the surface of the working area of ​​the applicator 3 to 30 mT.Unipolar pulse repetition frequency is cyclically changed from 25 ± 5 to 100 Hz ± 20 Hz, the cycle time - 10 ± 2 s pulse ratio - ranging from 3 to 11. The amplitude of the vibration of the applicator, depending on the operating mode is:

1stmode ( "Vibration" LED is on) - from 0.015 to 01 mm;

2nd mode (the indicator "Vibration" is off) - no more than 0.015 mm.

vibration frequency ranges from 25 ± 5 to 100 Hz ± 20 Hz.

MAVIT connected to conventional electrical network (without an earth connection) 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz;power consumed by the device from the mains, - no more than 10 A. The unit ensures operation in intermittent mode (work -1ch pause - 20 minutes) for 6 hours, followed by a break of 1 hour for electrical device complies with the requirements of GOST..50267.0-92 class II, type BF.Mean time to failure of at least 3000 hours. The average service life of at least 5 years.