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Sterilization - a method that provides death in the sterilizing material vegetative and spore pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms.With sterilization, regardless of application method obesplozhivaniya reach complete, which means in practice no sign of life for a sterilizable object.Sterilization should be subject to all the products that come into contact with the wound surface in contact with blood or injecting drugs, and certain types of medical instruments, which are in use in contact with mucous membranes and may cause damage to it.

sterilization methods:

• steam;

• air;

• Chemical;

• Gas.

Steam sterilization method It is used for products made of corrosion-resistant metal, glass, textiles, rubber.Sterilization produce saturated steam at a pressure in a steam sterilizer - autoclave.

Autoclave is a pot with double walls, between which there is vodoparovaya camera.It is poured into water through a funnel.The vapor passes into the sterilization chamber, where the sterilizable mat

erial.The water level is determined by the water-metering tube.The device is sealed with a lid that screw bolts with nuts or central shutter.On the cover there is a pressure gauge needle which indicates the pressure in the unit.Outside the unit is covered by a casing.Under the lower part of the device is supplied heat source to heat water and produce steam.When filling machine vapor pressure therein and consequently increases the temperature rises.The vapor penetrates into all pores of the object, and it contains the microbes die.Sterilization is carried out in sterilization boxes (NIRS), in a double soft package of calico, parchment, paper, sack untreated paper, wet strength sack.

To monitor sterilization Bix Vynar laying tape, which changes the color up to standard.

Metal Bix used for sterilization, releasing a diameter of 16 cm (small NIRS), 25 cm (average NIRS) and 45 cm (large NIRS).The most common round-Bix, but there are also square.In the surgical department at 70-100 beds need to have at least 10 small, 15 medium and 25 large Bix.To steam can penetrate the drum circle on the slut to make holes that are opened or closed by moving the ferrule with windows, holes corresponding groups.Tightness slut provides clamping device which firmly presses the rim of the drum wall.Serviceability of the device should be checked each time before inserting it into the drum dressings or linen, since the tightness can be infected contents of slut.underwear laying in Bix.

Bix wipe the inside and outside of a 0.5% solution of ammonia, and then push on the side wall slut circular plate covering the lateral openings, hinged lid and line the bottom and sides slut canvas bags, cloth sheets.When laying lingerie and dressing should comply once and for all established order - it allows you to quickly and easily find the necessary.Neatly folded laundry laid sectorally each other in a vertical position so that you can take out of the slut any thing, without touching the others.Dressings are also placed in such a way that each pack or pouch can be removed separately.When Bix filled, edge lining sheets wrapped one on top of the other content.In one of the sheets lay on top of Bix robe, and on it some gauze wipes and a towel.It is necessary that, after washing your hands, scrub nurse could wipe them and put on sterile gown, without opening the rest of the clothes and material.On the cover of each slut to be oil-cloth attached label with a list of all that it contains, with the sterilization date, indicating the names of the sisters who are ready to Bix.After closing the slut, it strengthens the existing hook on a chain and tied securely taped to it from accidentally opening.Finally, check whether the side holes Bix open.

Laying slut with gauze

first laid large napkins - 6 packs of 10 pieces, then wipes the middle -. B packs of 10 pieces, the top small napkins -. 5 packs of 20 pieces.

Laying slut with balls and swabs

first small pads - 4 packs of 5 pieces, medium swabs -. 6 packs of 10 pieces, and then the big tampons -. 4 packs of 10 pieces, the top gauze balls - 2 bag on30 pcs.

Mixed loading: robe - 1 piece, sheet - 3 pieces towel - 3 pairs, shoe covers - 14.

modes and conditions of steam sterilization method...

1. At a temperature of 132 ° C, steam pressure in the sterilization chamber 2 atm.for 20 min for sterilization recommend products from corrosion-resistant material, glass, textiles.

2. At 120 ° C, a vapor pressure of 1.1 atm.for 45 minutes for sterilization suggestions of rubber and latex polymers.

Term maintain sterility of products, sterilized, in boxes without filters is three days in Bix sterilization filter - up to 20 days.

apply to products made of silicone rubber, metal, glass.Sterilization was a dry hot air in an air sterilizer - a hot air oven.

heat cabinet is an electrical cabinet circular or rectangular shape.The sterilization chamber has a grid or trays for the placing of objects subjected to sterilization, a thermometer and a special device for the mixing of dry and heated air during sterilization.The desired temperature is set and maintained by a thermoelectric switch.Before sterilization of the cabinet completely remove moist air, what with the door open include circuit breakers and heat chamber at 80 ° C.Thereafter, the cabinet is closed, and after 10-15 minutes the temperature reaches 150-170 ° C.Sterilization is carried out in the packaging paper untreated, wet strength paper sack or unpackaged in open containers.

sterilization modes.

1. At a temperature of 180 ° C for 60 minutes for metal products.

2. At a temperature of 100 ° C for 150 minutes.

Applied to products made of plastics, rubber, glass, corrosion-resistant metal - this process is called cold sterilization.Currently used as a working solution of 6% hydrogen peroxide solution and dezokson-1.Sterilization is carried out in closed containers made of plastic or coated with enamel.Lacquer should be free of damage.

sterilization modes.

1. A solution of 6% hydrogen peroxide at a temperature of at least 18 ° C - 360 minutes.

2. At a temperature of 50 ° C - 180 minutes.

Apply for disinfection optics, pacemakers, glass, metal, products from polymeric materials.Sterilization is carried out in stationary gas sterilizers.An effective remedy is a mixture of ethylene oxide and methane bromide (mixture ON and OKEMB).Sterilization is carried out in a package of two layers of polyethylene film thickness of 0.06-0.2 mm, parchment, paper sack wet strength.gas dose of 2000 mg / dm3 exposure - 240 hours of storage life of products, sterilized in plastic packaging, up to five years, Kraft paper -. 20 days.Applied sterilization pairs 16% formalin.For this purpose, use the special paroformalinovy ​​sterilizer.It applies to products made of rubber, plastics, glass.Conditions for sterilization and maintain sterility terms identical sterilization mixture ON and ethylene oxide.