Anesthesia in the dressing room

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

in dressing, in contrast to the operating room, most commonly used local anesthetic: it is safer for the patient, it does not require preparation, and used anesthetics are rapidly cleared from the body.With local anesthesia, there is no loss of consciousness, the patient can calmly talk to the surgeon.Injections are administered in the area over which the surgeon operates, around the major nerve trunks around the spinal cord, the transfer of pain to the brain.

1. Infiltration anesthesia consists in the impregnation zone of the surgical field novocaine.Sister is preparing a sterile beaker with 0.5% solution of novocaine and a syringe with a capacity of 20 ml.

2. Conduction anesthesia - blockade of nerve trunks, carrying pain from the operating area, novocaine solution.The most commonly used in surgery on the hand fingers - the way Oberst-Lukashevich.Besides glasses with novocaine and a syringe Sterile rubber band and clip.Rubber band tightly pulls his finger, fix it with a clamp.Surgeon performs anesthe

sia, by injecting through the side surfaces of a finger.

3. Local anesthesia intravenously.Apply with dressings and extremities operations.Limbs give an elevated position for 2-3 minutes, and then at the proximal end thereof is applied a tourniquet to the disappearance of the pulse.After this process the operative field and produce a puncture of the saphenous vein, is located distal to the tourniquet.Typically, a syringe is introduced into the vein of 100-250 mg 0.5% novocaine.Anesthesia occurs within 10 minutes after injection of novocaine solution and kept up to remove the harness.

4. Local intraosseous anesthesia.Apply in operations for purulent diseases of hand and foot, while reposition sprains, when the primary surgical treatment of wounds of the hands and feet.Contraindicated in patients with severe edema of the limbs, vascular disease, erysipelas.It is necessary to prepare a shorter needle Vir stylet with well-fitting, rubber tourniquet, syringe with a capacity of 10 ml, a thin needle for anesthesia and 0.5-2% solution of novocaine solution.Limbs give an elevated position for 2-3 minutes, then proximal to the surgical field is applied a tourniquet to the disappearance of the pulse at the periphery.Operational field treated with sterile sheets delimit, with the help of thin needles make skin anesthesia, subcutaneous tissue and periosteum.Needle Beer with stylet pierce bone.After removing the mandrel introduced into the required amount of novocaine.This amount depends on the concentration of novocaine.0.5% solution requires 30 to 100 ml, 1% of 20-50 ml, 2% solution of from 8 to 25 ml.Pain relief occurs within 5 minutes after the administration of novocaine, hold 5 minutes after removing the harness.