Preparing for classes at Domani

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Pedagogy Of The Baby Up To A Year

Work with the child by the method Doman recalls the creation of a complex computer program.Therefore, every particle of knowledge which will receive the baby, called a "bit of information."

If competently organize the process, any child with pleasure will learn everything that you ask him.

• The child's brain from birth programmed training.

• Study is effective only in the period of brain growth.A human brain grows to 7-7.5 years, but he is most actively growing in the first three years.

• All babies have an incredible talent for languages.

• The faster is the formation of the higher parts (especially the cortex) of the brain, the smarter and smarter is your baby.

Almost from birth, you can show a large card with "bits of information".For learning to read, use the card with the words.For the teaching of mathematics - cards, on which the figure is replaced by the appropriate number of points.For encyclopedic knowledge - cards with pictures.This card may represent an animal, an insect, or a work of a

rt.Item Name is written on the back, it was his baby, and should be read.The details (for Domani - informative) explanation, the better.For example, the words "large Galapagos tortoise" is preferable to "turtle".

Undoubtedly, Glenn Doman method is useful and with proper training is effective, although, as with any technique, this system has its disadvantages.But do not immediately abandon the method proposed by Doman.Remember the rule of "golden mean"?That's just the thing that should be observed, skilfully combining the elements of the system with other methods of early development, with common sense, it is the peculiarities of your child as well as your lifestyle.

Glen Doman says: "If you are within ten seconds show a child not just a random 10 cards and 10 cards belonging to a particular category, thus allowing him to make combinations of 3,628,800 of the acquired knowledge.Now, he does not just remember for a lifetime of ten bits of information, and take possession of the whole system of knowledge. "

Before starting lessons must pay attention to several important points.• Going by this method will require the parents of certain forces and the costs - in fact for a long time they will have to produce thousands of cards with dots, words, images of animals, plants, miscellaneous items.

• The system Doman child is a passive object of study.He sits, and my mother showed him one, then another series of cards, telling a strictly defined set of information about each.It is impossible to dialogue and joint work with the child.

home system is good that a child learns a great deal of information with ease, enjoyable way for him, free of violence, threats and similar "educational" frills.For the development of creative and research abilities of parents can always find other ways.No need to abandon the traditional "granny" methods.Let's listen to the kid as many fairy tales, songs, poems, and they do not always have to be accompanied by pictures to the brain baby learned to finish building their own visuals to text.This will help develop the baby's speech, in time to form a function interpretation of the text.Do not forget about these ancient "razvivalkah" as traditional nursery rhymes, pestushki, finger games.

Scientists believe that one should not forget about the emotional and cognitive development of the child, since it is impossible to develop only one (in this case visual) component."The fact that" it is necessary to feel, touch and lick, that is, to investigate it with all the senses, and then, using his relationship with the other "facts" to determine his place in the world.

• If used in teaching only pictures with captions, as recommended by the house without thinking formed the text of the child: the ability to independently read (or listen to) and to analyze the text to extract relevant information from it.

• Doman compares the human brain with a computer, it is very perfect, endowed with huge storage stock, but all the same computer, which is necessary for successful work to provide a good database.But the child - not the computer, and it needs more than a certain amount of information.

So, if you decide to start teaching a child by the method of Glenn Doman, listen to the advice of experts and experienced parents.

• No need to strictly follow all recommendations;be sure to combine methodical home with other activities and educational games.

• Focus on the baby's reaction.Doman recommends showing cards very quickly, each holding no more than 1-2 seconds.a young child's brain works differently than an adult, and the baby as if "photographed" image, and then in the rest processes the information.For the children of the first and beginning of the second year of life, it's really true.But a half to two-year kid himself is sure to give you to understand that this technique it is no longer satisfied.Most likely, it will begin to select your album, long look at the pictures, ask questions.Listen to your crumbs, and you will understand exactly how to deal with him.Rely on your intuition, because any ready-technique - only scheme from which you want to choose something that seems useful and necessary it is for your baby.

• Never do something you do not like and that you think you do not like a child.

not treat seriously Doman assertion that the only need of the child - to know, and useless game - it's just a way to parent "to get rid" of the baby.Psychologists have long shown that the game is for the child - a simulation of the world and the possibility of self-expression.

engage with the child at the time as much as you get.Do not worry that your daily routine is not possible to enter a three-time display of several blocks of cards, most of exercise and so on. N. It is worth recalling that the original procedure was developed for children suffering from various diseases, and parents were ready to "live for the child."The purpose of life is to put them on their feet.Do we need such a sacrifice healthy baby?Will the happy parents, obeying his entire life learning?And whether it will bring happiness to the child?Catching up on the Doman method, use only what you under force.In any case, it would be better than nothing.

• Do not ask the child to give you the answers, play with you, read to you when he does not have the mood, just because of the fact that it is time to another "portion" of knowledge.

• The main thing - try as much as possible to talk with your child on any topic.This is key to your success.

• Give your child as much as possible ways to obtain information, do not just cards.Let the kid will be at the disposal of maps, books, microscope, musical instruments and much more that you can afford.The environment in which the child lives, should be developing.

• The information that you give to a young child, should be built on the principle of "child and his environment" and its boundaries should be expanded, depending on the age of the child.For example, you can show your child the card with household items, fruits and vegetables, plants, the area in which you live, domestic and wild animals, which he can see or which are described in his books.Very useful card depicting that children do (is sitting, swimming, drinking from a bottle, smiling, sleeping).You can make a series of cards, in which representatives of various professions are represented:.. A house painter, driver, fisherman, doctor, salesman, clown, etc. This not only broadens the mind baby, but also develops his speech.For ease of use, insert the card into the photo albums or folders with transparent pockets - files, images and sign large, clear letters.Then the child will not only remember the pictures, but is gradually learning to read.

• Rejoice in the success of each of your children, even the slightest attempt to prove himself, especially if it is the desire noticed you the first time.

• Be improved themselves, never stop there, look for answers to children's questions together with your child, to reason.

• Do not overload a child with useless information.To obscure abstract facts "hung in the air", such employment is well combined with reading favorite books.For example, reading a Russian folk tale, prepare a series of cards with animals and plants that are mentioned in them, the image of an old household items (spinning wheels, spindles, rocker arms, sandals and so on. D.).If a child requires endlessly reread "Dr. Dolittle," it's time to tell him what Africa and show it on a map, and do consider the album "Animals tropical countries", which will meet the animals cured Aibolit image.

• Avoid giving your child is not isolated facts, and systematically organized information;Serve it from different angles, from different points of view, illuminate the same subject, not only on the cards, but in games, posters, books, and other benefits.

• Young children are much more capable of learning than anyone else was.

• Young children believe that the most wonderful gift for them is the attention they pay entirely adults, especially mom and dad.

• The best teachers are their parents.

• They can teach your child absolutely everything, unless this knowledge is true and based on the facts that they know themselves.

• Do not make a "knowledge test": testing reveals only that is not assimilated.

• Doctrine - is a game that ends before the baby is tired.