Basic documentation in the nurse's department of anesthesiology and intensive care

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Job Description nurse intensive care unit and intensive care

I. General part

to the position of nurse intensive care unit is assigned a person with secondary medical education, specially trained.To appoint and dismiss the chief doctor of the hospital but the agreement with the head of the department in accordance with applicable law.Directly subordinate to the doctor-resuscitator and senior nurse intensive care unit.In their work guided by the orders of superior officers.


1. carers and monitors the health, physiological functions, sleep of patients in intensive care unit.

2. Promptly and accurately performs destination-intensive care specialist, in the case of non-compliance, regardless of the reason, immediately reported to the doctor-resuscitator.

3. Realizes through pulse, respiration, measures the daily amount of urine, sputum, etc., enters the data into the card up.

4. Immediately reported doctor-resuscitator of the sudden deterioration in the patient's condition.

5. Produces taking blood from a vein for biochemical studies, delivers it to the laboratory.

6. Conducts complex primary resuscitation.

7. Lettings vigil at the bedside of patients.

8. Prepares dead corpses to transmit them to the morgue.

9. improve their professional skills by studying the medical literature, visits to scientific conferences for nurses and participate in the competition for the title of "Best in Profession".


nurse intensive care unit has the right to:

1. Get the information needed to perform their duties.

2. To increase their professional qualifications on courses of improvement of qualification in the prescribed manner.

3. Make proposals senior nurse department on the improvement of the organization and the conditions of their labor.


Responsible for fuzzy or untimely fulfillment of obligations stipulated by internal regulations of the hospital routine.