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intravenous anesthetic drug carried drugs that are administered intravenously.Intravenous anesthesia is used for short-term surgical interventions as drugs used for anesthesia that do not provide long-term anesthesia.The advantage of this is the rapid introduction of narcosis in anesthesia, patients fall asleep quickly, bypassing the excitation stage.

For intravenous anesthesia using barbituric acid derivatives, viadril, propanidid, sodium hydroxybutyrate, ketamine.

Thiopental sodium and hexenal are derivatives of barbituric acid.With their use of narcotic sleep comes pretty quickly, bypassing the stage of excitation, the output of a rapid anesthesia.The clinical picture of anesthetic thiopental and geksenalom similar, but less geksenal depresses breathing.For anesthetic use freshly prepared solutions of barbiturates administered by slow intravenous injection.Anesthesia extends from 10 to 15 minutes after the beginning of sleep single drug administration.The duration of anesthesia is supported by the

gradual introduction of 100-200 mg.During anesthesia anesthetist should monitor their pupils, the movement of the eyeballs, the presence of reflexes to monitor the level of anesthesia.Nurse measures and records the heart rate in anesthetic card indexes, blood pressure, breathing.

When anesthesia using thiopental sodium possible respiratory depression, therefore, is required breathing apparatus.If the patient has come apnea, it is necessary to conduct artificial respiration immediately.Anaesthesia with the introduction of barbituric acid derivatives used for short surgical intervention (opening of abscesses, reduction of dislocation, repositioning of bone fragments).Barbiturates are used for the induction of anesthesia.

viadril (predion) often used in small doses with nitrous oxide.If you use the drug in high doses;it can lead to hypotension may develop phlebitis and thrombophlebitis.Viadril used for induction of anesthesia, endoscopic studies.

propanidid (sombrevin) is used for induction of anesthesia.With the use of short-term propanidid conduct surgical operations and in the clinic.The drug is administered intravenously, quickly, with anesthesia comes quickly.The duration of narcotic sleep for 5-6 minutes, the patient wakes up quickly.Use of the drug can cause hyperventilation, apnea, which may occur immediately after the loss of consciousness.In this situation, an artificial lung ventilation is necessary to apply via the breathing apparatus.Application propanidid requires control of blood pressure, pulse, respiration.

sodium hydroxybutyrate used in the need for induction of anesthesia.This drug provides drug surface anesthesia, so it is used in combination with barbiturates, propanidid.The introduction should be done at the same time strictly intravenously and is very slow.

Ketamine (ketalar) used to mononarkoza for induction of anesthesia.Ketamine can be driven intravenously and intramuscularly.Its use is superficial sleep, the patient may increase the blood pressure numbers, tachycardia, so the appointment of the drug to patients with essential hypertension is contraindicated.Ketamine is well used in patients in shock with low pressure.A side effect of ketamine are hallucinations at the end of anesthesia and waking.

There are clear criteria for adequacy of anesthesia: normal levels of blood pressure and heart rate, skin and visible mucous membranes must be of normal color, turgor ought to be preserved, urination should be 30-50 ml / h, normal levels of blood oxygenation and content in itC02 normal levels of electrocardiography.If indices deviate from normal levels of not more than 20% of the original level - it is not considered pathology.

During anesthesia nurse conducted anesthetic card.In this map marked blood pressure, heart rate, central venous pressure, respiratory rate, ventilator settings.The anesthetic map also fixed the stages of anesthesia and surgery, administered narcotic drugs and their doses, muscle relaxants, all additional drugs.It specifies the time of their introduction.Anesthesia is required to map pasted in history.