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trachoma.Chronic infection of the mucous membranes of the eyes with its seal tissue, formation of special grains and subsequent scarring.

Symptoms: begins quietly and develops slowly;the first symptom is itchy eyelids, their redness, foreign body sensation of the eyelids, the mucous membrane acquires a velvety appearance with growths similar to small grains.Pus or mucus with pus usually scarce.Without treatment or with poor treatment of trachoma gradually leads to deformation of the lid margin, their volvulus, abnormal growth of eyelashes, to inflammation and corneal opacity, visual acuity decreases sharply.Infection occurs when the transfer of trachoma virus, the causative agent with the secretions from the eyes of the patient in healthy human eyes. Through the hands of General towel, shawls, cushions, etc. Excluding these ways trachoma transport is its warning.

traditional medicine known ways to treat trachoma in the home.

1. Take 20 g hips in a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes., To insist ni

ght.Drink half a cup 2 times a day.

2. Take a lemon, a match and a piece of sterile cotton wool.

Cut off the top of the lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass of twenty drops.Cotton dipped in the juice and smear their eyelids.The first three days to lubricate the eyelids just outside, on the fourth day and lubricate the inside.It is desirable that the patient blinked.It is better if the patient will carry out such treatment itself, so as not to infect others.A single week of treatment and trachoma passes.

3. Boil hard-boiled egg, cut it in half, remove the yolk, but instead put into one half of the protein a little sugar, and in another - burnt alum.Then connect the two halves of the protein, to tie a thread, put in a glass of cold boiled water, put on a day in a warm place or in the sun.Then remove the egg, and the liquid drained into a vial and it instilled eye twice a day.

famous hereditary healer PM Smoking offers to get rid of trachoma such remedies: 1. Use lemon juice (method described above).

old, but ever new means of Russian doctors from trachoma

three times a day to wash the whole head strong infusion of the leaves and young shoots of black currant (infusion should be warm-hot).And this same infusion drink like tea several times a day, the more often the better.

heals almost blind ...

Trachoma is primarily chronic infectious inflammation of the connective sheath eyelids and cornea.The disease manifests diffuse infiltration of the submucosal tissue of the conjunctiva, the formation of follicles in it (grains), they decay and rebirth, with the end result in scarring caused by atypical virus.Complication of trachoma can be corneal ulcers.In the treatment of trachoma patients topically applied ointment -s 1% of antibiotics (tetracycline, oxytetracycline dihydrate, erythromycin, oleandomycin, dibiomitsin et al.), And sulfonamides (etazolovaya a 5% ointment), and ingestion of antibiotics.Continuous local treatment (application of ointments) should be performed 4-5 times per day for up to 3 months;for follow-up care and prevention 1 time a day at night for 6 months for laying eyelids dibiomitsinovuyu a 1% ointment.

shows disposable expression in sluggish throughout the process.Expression of produce in the presence of follicles, and the scars of the conjunctiva obtained tender.

Extrude (expression) of the follicle should be carried out in the following stages:

• eyelid skin to wipe the alcohol drip 3 times with 0.25% solution of tetracaine solution or 2% lidocaine;

• podkonyunktivalno introduce a 1% solution of novocaine in the transitional fold;

• unscrew the lids and conjunctiva to squeeze between the jaws of tweezers;

• conduct squeezing across both eyelids conjunctiva surface;

• after expression rinse the conjunctival sac of antibiotics solution and lay the ointment.

Before this procedure the nurse need to wear glasses or a special mask as spray caught in the eye contents trachomatous beans pose a risk of infection trachoma.

patients with acute and chronic course of trachoma should be treated permanently.