Children Hysterical ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Children With 1year To 2 Years

Some children resemble volcanoes because of the accumulated emotions that require regular eruptions with splashing feelings to everyone, after which the children calm down and wait around for them will be removed.Children with high needs are especially prone to tantrums when their desires are not being met.Obedient children unable to easily send to an activity that distracts them from hysteria, while children with a strong will, which you can call the stubborn, not so easy to distract.Look at his eyes growing child tantrums.He tries to be self-confident, independent, he is very curious, and thus has no ability to understand why he can not pick up a crystal vase.There is a conflict between what he wants and what he may have no risk.He knows what he wants, but does not understand why can not have it.As you teach your child what behavior to you is acceptable, and he knows what he is able to cope, tantrums become less common, but be prepared for a long time klatsat weapon on

this stage, the declaration of

independence with a child who has a largestrength of will.

Most children suiting hysteria, calm down, if you take them in his arms and held her tightly against his chest as cubs.The child, prone to tantrums, is likely to be pulled out and protest, if you restrict his movements during a tantrum.If you feel that, in order that your child has mastered them, you need to pick him up, hold it in his lap, face turned away from him.So you'll be less to restrain his movements, but still give a sense of security, which is necessary during a tantrum.This position can help you to literally see the situation from the point of view of a child why a strong-willed child comes in irritation when he can not disengage the two parts of the designer or his toy stuck under the couch.In this case, sit with your child for a while and share his grief.Give your child the right words to express his feelings: "You're angry because ..." Dividing emotions, you provide yourself one of the best ways to get through the shell to the older child who needs help, but the problem is not detectedeasily.Nothing causes a child to be frank, a feeling that someone really wants to penetrate his experiences.If

think adults can spend thousands of dollars for a therapist to be able to say: "I'm angry."You can not appeal to the mind of a child (or anyone else) in the midst of hysteria, so wait until he calms down before starting parental consultation.(Hugs - is psychotherapy.)

Fortunately, the kids quickly recover from hysteria.Usually they do not grieve for a long time, and support befitting a child tantrum passes quickly, even though the parents may be left without power.Child tantrums stopped themselves.As soon as your child develops speech needed to express emotions, you will see that this unpleasant behavior takes place.

Tantrums with breath

This five-star tantrums, which harassed the child and horrify parents.They often occur after a trauma, such as a head injury or a fall.At the peak of anger, a child may zatryastis lower jaw and he could hold his breath, first pobagrovev and then Posin.At this point, you yourself have stopped breathing, waiting to see what will happen next.When you are ready to panic, the child takes a deep breath (and you too), and everything is in order.Although most children recover normal breathing, on the verge of fainting, some still limp and lose consciousness.These are the most frightening breath resemble seizures.But immediately after the unconscious child begins to breathe again and looks in no way affected.Breath rarely harms the child, but the parents for a long time unsettling.Try to intervene with gentle words and gestures and distract the child before the hysteria reaches this point.Usually this takes place at the age of between two years and two and a half, when the child is old enough to express their feelings in words.