Provision of medical care to children in outpatient settings

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Children's Clinic in the Russian Federation - a state institution.It can be a separate entity or as a structural division part of the children's hospital or a city clinic.In the area of ​​its activity City Children's Clinic (Department) provides therapeutic and preventive care for children up to 14 years (14 years 11 months 29 days).Medical care is provided directly in the clinic, at home, in day care and schools.The area of ​​activity is determined by the health clinic body subordinate institutions.From the number of posts of doctors outpatient admission dependent office nurses, laboratory technicians, radiologists, physiotherapists, doctors in physiotherapy, functional diagnostics.children's service at the site is carried out but the system of "one-stop" pediatrician from the moment of discharge from the hospital and to transfer under medical supervision of teenage room.The system of "one-stop" pediatrician provides a close relationship with the family doctor and the constant monitoring of the health o

f children.The total number of children in the medical district under the age of 15 years shall not exceed 800. For each pediatric district provides one P GP.

Positions district nurses are set at the rate of 1.5 positions 1 district pediatrician.Positions paramedics or nurses to strengthen preventive work among healthy children are set on the basis of one post for maintenance clinic to 10 thousand children and 2 - more than 10 thousand for direct services for children in kindergartens and schools, provided one P nurse or paramedic on..:100 children kindergartens;700 school students;50 children sanatorium kindergartens;300 auxiliary schools.

In accordance with the provisions of the local doctor its main tasks is to further reduce the incidence and mortality of children of all ages, ensuring optimal physical and neuro-psychological development of children through the introduction of a broad set of preventive measures of specific and non-specific nature.To this end, local pediatrician is obliged:

• keep in touch with the women's advice, to ensure continuity in the monitoring of pregnant women, especially those from high-risk groups;

• visit to the newborn home in the first 3 days after discharge from the hospital and control infants visiting home health nurses;

• conduct reception of children in the clinic, assign them to treatment, good nutrition, specific and non-specific prevention of rickets, to assess the physical and psychological development of children;

• conduct preventive monitoring of children under the guidelines of, send them to consult with other specialists and the necessary laboratory tests, plan (in conjunction with the district nurse) prophylactic vaccination, in a timely and reasonable to issue medical taps on them;

• implement dynamic medical observation of children taken to the dispensary registration, together with other medical specialists reorganize them, to analyze the effectiveness of the clinical examination;

• organize examinations necessary sanitary and preventive measures for children before entering pre-school and school;

• visit the children at home to call the day of admission, to provide them with the necessary medical assistance, when assigning readings physiotherapy, exercise therapy, observed for a sick child until recovery, hospitalization or permission to attend the clinic;

• sick child first year of life to observe on a daily basis;

• inform the clinic management of all seriously ill patients in the area are not hospitalized for any reason;

• inform in due order the SES in the identification of an infectious disease or suspected it, to carry out a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing infectious disease;

• guide the child to hospital, where necessary, take all measures to emergency hospitalization;

• conduct registration and selection of children in need for health treatment in a sanatorium;

• work to improve the qualification of the precinct nurses, to monitor its activities.

district pediatrician conducts routine sanitary and educational work on the development of a healthy child;its hygiene education;formation from an early age the conscious relationship to strengthen their health as a public good, healthy lifestyle, negative attitudes to alcohol and smoking.This work it performs differently according to age, and other characteristics of individual children and young people, living conditions and upbringing of the family.In addition, it creates on the site of the public health asset and attracts him to prevention.

principal assistant district pediatrician is a precinct nurse.It should have a sufficiently high level of theoretical training and professional knowledge, to own appliances perform medical procedures, as well as possess such qualities as love for the children, observation, integrity, the ability to quickly establish contact with the child and his family.Of great importance are the relationship of the local doctor and a nurse, mutual trust, respect, and their psychological compatibility.