Activities of the district nurse

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Main sections of activity of the precinct nurses are regulated by the relevant regulations approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.

To this end, the precinct is obliged to nurse:

• conduct prenatal pregnant its territorial area, actively identify changes in the health status of pregnant and in a timely manner to inform the obstetrician-gynecologist antenatal clinic and primary care pediatrician;

• in conjunction with the district pediatrician visit newborns in the first three days after discharge from the hospital, paying attention to the material and living, cultural and hygienic conditions of the family, its psychological climate;

• ensure the systematic monitoring of healthy and sick children;

• monitor the implementation of the parents of medical appointments;

• monthly plan and carry out preventive vaccination for children who do not attend pre-school institutions, to invite children to the vaccine to the clinic;

• assist the doctor during medical examinations of children: to c

arry out anthropometric measurements;write references, recipes, directions, sick leave;

• following the regular admission;timely organize medical examinations of children consisting on the dispensary, according to the medical examination of the plan;

• prescribed by a doctor to perform medical procedures at home.A significant share in the structure of the activities of the district nurse belongs to the planned sanitary and educational work with members of the child's family.A nurse holds a conversation with his parents on the pediatric section and in the clinic on the development and education of a healthy child, and disease prevention.Taking into account the periods of a child's life and his health, patronage content and conversations with parents changes and selected relevant literature and visual education effect is enhanced when parents receive special memo on various aspects of child development and education.A nurse takes an active part in the organization of health education exhibitions in the clinic, health corner, in the production of sanitary papers.In addition, it is preparing a public health asset to the area, with which carries out activities on child injury prevention, raids to check the purity and health status of the pediatric area, organizes meetings and conversations with the doctor population.A nurse is required to systematically improve their skills, learn best practices for the organization of the work of district nurses to apply it in their work, to participate in the Council of Nurses.

The duties of the district nurse include:

• preventive work on the development and education of a healthy child;medical care at home by a doctor;

• sanitary and educational work with the population;

• records of their activities in the prescribed form;

• improving their skills.