Functional responsibilities of nurse neuropsychiatric department

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Mental health care to the population is carried out the work of psycho-neurological clinic and the psychiatric hospital.Patients who are registered in the mental hospital and newly diagnosed patients, if necessary, be sent to hospital.When hospitalization of patients in hospital medical staff need to obtain their consent to hospitalization and treatment.Compulsory treatment is necessary only when the patient is inadequate, unable to critically refers to the condition when a danger to themselves and others.

Psychiatric Hospital consists of a reception, a general psychiatric department, specialized departments.Hospital for examination and treatment of high-grade equipped diagnostic laboratories, radiology, physiotherapy rooms, are specialists of various specialties for advisory work.There are also places for occupational therapy, various workshops, a library for psychiatric patients at the rehabilitation and adaptation of the psycho-neurological hospital.

simple separation of psychiatric hospital consist

s of two halves: the hectic and tranquil.On hectic half contained patients with inappropriate behavior in an acute condition with delusions, hallucinations, agitation, in a stupor.Such patients need constant medical supervision, as they can cause harm to themselves and others.Patients who need special supervision and care are placed in a special chamber - an observation, which are always a nurse and a nurse.In a quiet part of the sick during recovery, when they have an adequate behavior when they can care for themselves and are not dangerous to themselves and others.In the psychiatric ward of the hospital all the doors always closed with a key, which is only the doctors and nurses.Windows should be barred or glass should be shatterproof.Window shutters on the windows should be positioned so that the patients could not reach them.

Duties of the medical staff in the mental hospital have their differences to work in other somatic hospitals.Differences in work is largely dependent on the patient population being treated.Some patients can not critically assess their disease, or do not consider themselves sick.Often mental patients have bouts of arousal and aggressive behavior that is dangerous to the medical personnel.

Therefore, there are a few mandatory rules of behavior and care in the psychiatric ward for all medical personnel.Medical staff in the psycho-neurological hospitals must be constantly vigilant, patience, sensitivity, courtesy, attention to the sick.Health professionals should avoid bright makeup wearing jewelery (necklaces, earrings), which can be disrupted by patients with psychomotor agitation.Nurses wear a cap and gown.The hair should be removed under a hat.With patients, despite their behavior, even aggressive, you must communicate patiently, politely and kindly.Often the behavior of psychiatric patients leads to tragedies, so the nurse must be vigilant, never turn your back to the patient.Medical staff must make sure that all the doors were closed, so that keys do not fall into the hands of patients.Regularly we have to check personal belongings of patients who are prone to suicide, for the presence of sharp and cutting items, cuttings, chips, wires, pens, pins, matches, pins, what the patient can open a door or to cause harm to themselves and others.Personal belongings of other patients are also subject to periodic inspection.The inspection of personal belongings is best done at a time when the patient is not in the House (the patient is in the dining room, a bathroom, a walk), it spares the feelings of patients.If you want to immediately see the things the patient, he is summoned to the doctor's office or in another place outside the Chamber.

During meals patients are served food that can be eaten alone with a spoon.The room where the cutlery (knives, forks) and other items must be closed to patients could not go freely there.

The organization coordinated work of the psychiatric department is a great role working nurse, which carries not only the prescribing physician, medical manipulations, care of the sick, but also helps patients in convalescence and rehabilitation.A nurse must be well aware of the number of patients in the office every day, to know the patients by name and surname, in what Chambers is one of them, the reason for the absence of some of them.She must be aware of the mental illness of each patient, the peculiarities of its course, the state at the moment, on the ongoing treatment of him.The nurse must know what purpose did the attending physician, and strictly implement them at a certain time.nurse communication with patients should be smooth, serious, patient, caring.It is impossible to over-and the liberal curry favor with patients.It is impossible to allocate among patients department "favorites" and give attention only to them, forgetting about the rest of the patients.The nurse must strictly follow the regime in the mental department, as its maintenance is the key to successful treatment of mental patients.Medical staff must follow his speech in the presence of patients, even being in catatonia, it should not talk to strangers threads, it may cause harm to the patient's mental state.It is forbidden to talk with the patient about his state of health or the health of another patient, to make any predictions.Since patients can not make jokes, laugh at them, to talk with irony.

nurse must always be questions of patients to give a clear, truthful answers when this is not possible, it is best to change the subject.Patients with delirium require more sensitive and patient attitude, they often question the accuracy of the treatment, expressed about the dangers of being in the hospital for their health and even their lives.Such patients do not need to strenuously argue, it can lead to the opposite effect, cause even greater distrust of the medical staff.The nurse must politely and calmly explained to the patient that he is wrong, that he is sick and needs treatment that is no it will not cause harm.Working in a psychiatric ward patients should not be afraid, but they also do not underestimate the cost, as it can be dangerous to the health of nurses.Some patients show aggression towards others, and it is impossible to show a negative attitude towards these patients, as this condition is caused by the disease.Often quarrels break out between patients and even fights, the nurse should not stand on the side of the patient.It must stop the fight by calling the nurses and the doctor.Patients in a strong excitation need special care.Excitation occurs in schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis.In the treatment of these patients used effectively use drugs: chlorpromazine hydrochloride, hexenal, Barbamyl.All drugs are administered parenterally.Upon excitation of the patients are torn, fight, swear, shout, sometimes they have to be forced to fix in bed.The nurse must have the skills of the patient fixation and be able to explain it orderlies.In order to keep the patient is placed on his bed, and nurses pressed his hands and feet, while the nurse enters the drugs.If necessary, long-term fixation of soft elastic bands are applied, the period determined by the physician of the patient fixation.

patient with epilepsy during the seizure usually falls, loses consciousness, and he having seizures.To prevent injuries such patients during the attack put on a low bed or on the floor.You must undo the clothes, in order to avoid aspiration of vomit, the patient's head is turned to one side.In the patient's mouth between the molars put the spoon (if you put the spoon between his front teeth, it can lead to the fact that during an attack, they can break), wrapped in gauze to the patient is not injured your tongue.After the attack, the patient is immersed in a long sleep, after which the patient bad mood, about the attack, he does not remember anything.The patient in this state, you must provide the rest.

weak and bedridden patients need constant nursing care.Such patients nourish nurse or orderly, mostly liquid food, taking care that the patient choked, conduct sanitary activities, change underwear and bed linen.Spend decubitus prophylaxis for this patient in bed is necessary to constantly turn, places a special compression of the rubber underlay circles, watching the bed clean.The skin of the patient need to constantly examine if there are places hyperemia (redness), they should be cleaned with alcohol camphor.If the patient has urinary incontinence, or it celebrates physiological functions for themselves because of their disease, the patient should be cleaned regularly, change clothes, and enclose oilcloth ship.

Vigilance nurse should be, and to the numerous requests of patients - for this you must first weigh and think about all the possible consequences.You have to know that psychiatric patients can mask some of the manifestations of their disease, deceiving, so even seemingly innocuous request can cause significant harm to the patient or others.

nurse should also monitor, read letters that they write themselves, patients and relatives who pass them.Letters of patients with clearly delusional content, can not send their nurse gives the doctor.Letters to relatives and medical staff to read, because some news can cause harm to the mental state of the patient and to prevent treatment.

necessary to verify the relatives brought food, things, as they may contain something that the patient can not or may cause harm: alcohol, drugs, razor blades, knives, needles.

nurse controls not only the patients in the ward, but it should guide the work of nurses and supervise their work.It must ensure that the health post between different shifts maintained continuity to the department always present attendants.The nurse tells new changing nurses which patients require special attention and care.

Job nurse - is a creative process, which includes carrying out the treatment process, which requires knowledge of the disease, its course, treatment.The nurse is responsible for carrying out many vital procedures.Nurse psychiatric department requires knowledge about the psychology of the patient, especially during his illness, to each patient must be an individual approach.This knowledge is needed to adequately perform clinical work nurses because obtain the consent of a psychiatric patient to carry out a particular procedure, the adoption of medicines can be very difficult, as a result of psychosomatic pathology, delusional symptoms, hallucinations.For psychiatric patients care and supervision carried out by a nurse is always an important process in the treatment and convalescence.The nurse carries out feeding, change underwear and bed linen, conducting medical and hygienic measures.Nurse psychiatric department is also a link between the patient and the doctor.She is in constant contact with patients and can celebrate in this group of patients as depressed patients, patients with catatonia, behavioral disturbances, changes in their mood, the emergence of suicidal tendencies.Working in close liaison with doctors, nurses, thus, affect the healing process.

in the psychiatric ward distinguished: insulin, aminozinovuyu, procedural nurse.The duties of procedural nurses are carrying out therapeutic manipulation, receipt and storage of medicines, software consultation by other specialists.The drugs are given to patients under the strict supervision of a nurse who has to check whether the patient drank the entire dose as patients may accumulate the drug to commit suicide attempts.

The duties of a nurse is to conduct insulin insulin therapy for the treatment of schizophrenia.The duties of a nurse aminozinovoy distribution of psychotropic drugs.The distribution of psychotropic drugs held in a special aminozinovom office, where the drug is stored in a cupboard with hatch.Nurse at work in this office must be worn over the robe rubber apron, then another coat and mask, after the distribution of all removed and stored in a special place.A nurse should not turn its back on the tray with medications allow patients to take their own medication.Aminozinovaya nurse also checks whether the patient had drunk the whole single dose of drugs for this patient open their mouth and check it with a spatula.After the distribution of office products must be well ventilated.A nurse must also ensure that the patients did not go into the office in her absence.

Postovaya sister must maintain round the clock surveillance of patients.It must control sleep and wakefulness, diet, perform hygiene procedures.In the psychiatric ward of a strict schedule.Patients should sleep 8-9 hours at night, daytime -1ch.Feeding occurs in certain patients hours 4 times per day.Patients are placed in an observation room (patients with suicide attempts, aggressive, prone to escape), need special care and supervision, as showing excessive ingenuity to implement their plans.Such patients are constantly monitored by nurses and orderlies.If a patient is closed with a blanket with his head, his face should be open, it is necessary to monitor the patient during temperature measurement to the patient will not cause injury to themselves thermometer.Medics should watch for such patients, and when visiting the toilet with them.Calm patients showing daily exercise under the supervision of medical staff.Daily lists of patients for walking controls the doctor.A nurse is required to monitor the behavior of patients are particularly prone to escape and suicide.It is also necessary to know the exact number of patients walking.The greatest control over patient needs in the morning, when the longing they have the most severe.In a quiet part of the sick, the acute phase of the disease which has already passed, they are not dangerous to themselves and others.These patients do not require constant care and supervision.A nurse should actively assist patients in their rehabilitation, to stimulate the ability to self-adaptation to the outside world.In these patients, the softer and advanced mode, they are allowed to use a shaving set, go to the hairdresser.They may occur more frequently with relatives, walk throughout the hospital.Nurse in communicating with patients, caring for them should behave in such a way that the patient felt care and attention.In the psychiatric ward need to be quiet, you can not slam the doors, rattle instruments, utensils.Night sleep is especially important for patients, so the medical staff should not disrupt their peace.You can not raise your voice to the patients.The nurse must monitor their speech, especially with patients who have delusions of persecution, suicide attempts.

nurse should monitor the behavior of patients and observe its changes.In psychiatric patients, especially due to mental illness, there are mood swings: cheerful and sociable patient can quickly become morose, uncommunicative;calm - excited, aggressive.The patients are often unjustified attacks of fear and anxiety.It is important to pay attention to the habits of the patient: he likes to stay in bed or to walk, talk or be silent.Nurse on duty watching the behavior of patients at night, reveals patients with sleep disorders: insomnia, anxious, shallow sleep.Changes in behavior and habits of the patient can talk about exacerbation of psychotic state.The nurse would then be able to help and call a doctor.Some people do not eat, do not drink, or just a drink, or take only certain foods.