Functional responsibilities of nurse ENT department

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Job Description nurse ENT department

I. General part

main tasks of a nurse ENT department is to perform therapeutic and diagnostic purposes otolaryngologist and help him in the organization of specialized medical care.Appointment and dismissal of the nurse ENT department carried out the chief physician of medical institution in accordance with current legislation.Nurse ENT department operates under the direct supervision of otolaryngologist.In its work, the nurse ENT department is guided by this job description, as well as the methodological recommendations to improve the work of nursing staff of health care institutions.


1. Maintain control of the availability of the necessary tools and medicines, to fill the documentation, check the serviceability of equipment.

2. Ensure timely receipt of results of research and stick them in the patient records.

3. Exercise as directed by the doctor the following diagnostic manipulation:

• Study whisper hearing and speaking;

• olfactometer;

• temperature measurement;

• taking swabs from the throat.

4. Carry on doctor's prescription, the following therapeutic manipulation:

• lubrication of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, nose and throat;

• washing the lacunae of the tonsils;

• removal of cerumen by washing;

• Instill drops;

• toilet ears;

• blowing ears for Politzer;

• the introduction of antibiotics in the maxillary sinuses by displacement;

• massage eardrums (vibratory and manual);

• introduction to the ears turundas with drugs;

• ear lavage medicinal solutions;

• injection powders in ear, nose.

5. Assist otolaryngologist during ENT operations.

6. After ENT operations to process and cleaning tools, tidying medical records jobs.

7. Participate in health education among patients.

8. systematically improve their skills.

9. To make out under the supervision of a medical doctor's documentation: extracts from the stories disease inpatients, sick leave, referral to MSEK etc.


1. To present the medical establishment claims administration to create the necessary conditions in the workplace, ensuring quality performance of their duties.

2. Get the necessary information to perform their duties on the otolaryngologist, the senior nurse department, the main nurse.

3. seizes related specialties.

4. Provide guidance and supervise the work of nurses ENT department.

5. Improve their skills in the prescribed manner.


Evaluation nurse ENT department held otolaryngologist, chief (senior) nurse on the basis of accounting discharge of their duties, compliance with internal regulations, labor discipline, moral and ethical standards.Nurse ENT department is responsible for the fuzzy and untimely performance of their duties.Types of personal responsibility are defined in accordance with current legislation.