Nursing staff of dental clinic

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

The dental clinic has a nurse's main office, dental profile of nurses.In a hospital department of maxillofacial region - a senior nurse, ward nurses, nurses, receptionist, nurses dressing cabinet, stationary nurses.

Home nurse dental clinic monitors compliance with external regulations rules of the medical institution, the contract, the sanitary-epidemiological regime, controls the operation of the fire system, the implementation of safety requirements.Home nurse monitors the work of the average and younger medical personnel, checks the jobs dentists before the start of the shift, and in the process it is correct paperwork nurses.Home nurse also monitors the availability, safety, serviceability of equipment, the availability of tools and materials needed in the process, the completion of the stock and other

nurse dental profile should know:.

• features of the device and operation of dentaloffice;

• existing orders and instructions relating to its work;

• specifics of working with these or other

drugs, the rules of their storage, use, shelf life;

• rules of medical care in case of emergency;

• rules of subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injection;

• rules of filling of medical records;

• know and observe the principles of ethics and deontology;

• administrator names, chief physician, primary nurse, their phone numbers, their personal signatures.

nurse dental profile produces the following manipulations:

• implementation of measures to comply with sanitary and medical regimen medical facility - disinfection and sterilization of dental instruments, in proper condition workplace dentist, etc .;

• preparation of working place before the beginning of his work shift;

• processing tool table, the dental unit, tips, etc .;

• replenishing the stock of materials and tools, spent during the reception of dental patients;

• aid the dentist in the implementation of support in the absence of manipulation in the state dental clinic assistant dentist (help with vacuuming, saliva ejectors, gun, cofferdam, preparation for work materials and other.);

• in the event of emergency conditions under the supervision of a doctor holding a subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injection.

During operation, the nurse must move through the dental office without creating inconvenience to the doctor.Nurse dental profile should follow the rules of the medical institution regulations, comply with the contract entered into with it, to the regime of a medical institution of this type demands for fire protection, compliance with safety requirements.

adverse factors of labor nurses dental profile are: the possibility of contracting a number of diseases, pathogens which are in human biological liquids, increased load on the visual apparatus, effects on the noise and vibration effects on the body of a large number of allergens like by contact, and air-kapelnym.

In the process of dental instruments in direct contact with the patient's biological fluids.In order to protect medical personnel from possible contamination is necessary to use personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, protective shields.In the office there is an emergency first aid kit.To protect patients from possible contamination produced a change of gloves, masks, after the reception of each patient, the treatment of the dental unit, working with sterile instruments.