Burns eyes

August 12, 2017 17:51 | First Aid

Thermal burns to the eyes are accompanied by severe pain, tearing, drop view.The eyelids become swollen victim, their skin appear bubbles, conjunctiva hyperemia and edema, anemic.In the future may appear necrosis of the skin of eyelids and conjunctiva, cornea ulcer.

Help is reduced to the removal of particles provoked burns, rinsing with plenty of water in order to reduce pain, and hypothermia.Introduce tetanus serum, every 3 hours 1% -s laid sulfatsilovaya ointment.

Chemical burns to the eye are accompanied by the same symptoms as for thermal injury, appear early necrosis and rejection of necrotic tissue sections.Help comes down to thorough rinsing with plenty of water.Also, when using acid burns 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate, alkali burns at - 2% boric acid solution.

Thermal burns to the eye and its appendages caused by fire, molten metal, hot liquids, steam.

Chemical burns caused by acids and alkalis.Burns acids formed a dry scab;he later rejected, and in its place formed a scar.Alkalies quick

ly penetrate into the eye as a result of tissue damage and therefore have a more severe cautery

action.Especially heavy in its consequences lime burns.When sharpening the aniline (ink), pencil slate particles entering the eye also cause burns.Aniline tear easily dissolved and permeates the tissue of the cornea and conjunctiva, which can lead to tissue necrosis and subsequent coarse scar changes.

According to the severity of the process are four stages of burn.

Stage I - flushing of the skin, mucous membrane of the century, surface erosion of the corneal epithelium.

Stage II - the formation of skin blisters eyelids, conjunctiva surface films, translucent surface corneal opacity.

Stage III - necrosis of the skin, conjunctiva, deep opaque corneal opacity ( "matte").

Stage IV - necrosis of the skin, deeply lying tissues of the conjunctiva and sclera, deep corneal opacity ( "china plate").

Treatment .Just unscrew the lid, it is good to be visible transitional fold and slightly damp swab to remove all particles of dense searing substances: metal, aniline, lime particles, etc. In cases of burns aniline pencil should be abundant, with an interval of 2 hours, rinse the conjunctival sac 3% -.nym solution of tannin or strong tea.In all other cases, immediately begin abundant washing with water, then lay 5-6 times a day an ointment of antibiotics, conducted the installation of vitamin drops (A, B1, B2) from the glucose solution.Very useful krioobduvanie 2-3 times a day, subconjunctival administration of convalescent serum of burn, and in severe cases, is carried out by intramuscular injection of the same drug.Depending on the intraocular pressure (and it may be increased) used mydriatics and miotics;in the illustrated cases, surgical treatment is used (until early keratoplasty) and many other methods.

outcome of eye burns depends on the severity of the damage, the cause of the burn, as well as the timeliness and usefulness of first aid and subsequent treatment.In some cases, full recovery of the mucous membrane of the defect, and the transparency of the cornea of ​​the patient, in other cases remain partial corneal opacity, deteriorating visual function;the formation of coarse large leukomas cornea, leading to blindness.Perhaps fusion of both eyelids with the eyeball.The threat of severe consequences of eye burns necessitates serious attitude to this kind of damage, since the whole burden of the damage is detected immediately.Therefore, regardless of the first impression, which makes the view of the damaged eye, you need to start active treatment.