Protection of medical personnel dental office

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

Emergency kit dental office

Emergency kit dental office is designed to protect medical staff from contracting various diseases by ingestion of bodily fluids.

As part of emergency kits should be:

• 70% ethyl alcohol solution;

• 5% alcoholic solution of iodine;

• linkage with potassium permanganate powder -Five batches of 5 g;

• Distilled water;

• glass rod;

• 30% Albucidum solution (Protargolum);

• pipette;

• syringe of 20 g;

• Gauze balls;

• bandages;

• fingertips;

• gloves.If

patient body fluids have reached the surface of the eye mucosa, it is necessary to take out a sample of emergency kits potassium permanganate powder, dissolving it in 0.5 liters of distilled water and this solution process the eye mucosa.You can also use this solution to Albucidum or Protargolum.

If the body fluids of the patient came to the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to take out emergency kits One sample of potassium permanganate powder and dissolve it in 100 ml of distilled water.The resulting solution sho

uld be treated with the nasal cavity.Thereafter the oral cavity to be treated with a solution of 70% ethanol.

If body fluids were at hand, it is necessary to treat them with 70% ethanol solution.

If the body fluids of the patient were on the damaged surface of the skin is damaged in the process of manipulation of the skin and enters the patient's wound biological fluids, especially blood, you must:

• three times to squeeze blood from a wound;

• treat the wound 70% solution of ethyl alcohol;

• double wash the wound with soap and water;

• treat the wound with 5% alcoholic solution of iodine;

• isolate the wound surface with plaster, fingertip, gloves;

• fix the incident recorded in the emergency log;

• inform the chief doctor of dental clinics;

• apply to the AIDS center for blood sampling for the purpose of research and preventive treatment.After 3, 6, 9, 12 months, you must re-arrive at the AIDS center for blood donation and its research.