Help in carrying the auxiliary manipulation

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Paramedic

dental nurse profile in the absence of the state dental clinic assistant dentist assists the dentist in carrying out the auxiliary manipulation: help with vacuuming, saliva ejectors, a pistol, a cofferdam;preparation for work materials, etc.

Help in dealing with

cofferdam cofferdam -. System devices designed to isolate the area of ​​dental treatment carried out by the mouth.The kit includes the following components: rubber scarves, frame, forceps, clasps, curling clasps, template.

There are several ways to establish a cofferdam on the teeth.In accordance with the first method and the locking clasp handkerchief is applied to the tooth simultaneously.After applying correction system position handkerchief doctor carries out with a trowel.According to the second method, the imposition of the locking clasp is preceded by the imposition of cofferdam handkerchief.In accordance with the third method not using the locking clasp.The transitional fold area of ​​the tooth is filled with a cotton swab and appl

ied a handkerchief dam.Perhaps after the imposition of the shawl clasp cofferdam.

Help in working with saliva ejectors, vacuum

Saliva ejector and the vacuum cleaner is a system in which the reverse thrust of air provides an extract from the mouth of those or other liquids.Saliva ejector extracts from the mouth saliva, which is necessary to ensure the isolation of the working field, creating the convenience of a dentist.In some cases there are difficulties with saliva ejector positioned in the mouth, either saliva evacuation must be carried out in a particular region of the oral cavity.In this case, the dentist need help or assist in its absence a nurse.

vacuum cleaner is a device for preventing contact with the mucous membranes of the oral cavity used in the process solutions of acids.For example, it is used for flushing during filling cavity etchant containing phosphoric acid solution.

Aid Mixing materials involves mixing ratios prepared in advance by a physician material components.