As the call ...

Rules - both the rules of the movement, not knowing that someone accidentally or zadenesh vrezheshsya himself into a pole.

profitably be polite.Self will always be pleasant, and others too.

It is clear that their children, we want to see brought up, and often complain about the fact that, say, the school pay little attention to the culture of behavior, do not teach etiquette.

But is it not in the family should be laid?

Ros obedient boy, grew sweet girl, and then broke down with both brakes.

- Where are you going?

- Why should I report?

- How do you talk with her mother!

- Okay.

door closed, the elevator rumbled.Father dripped valerian: "Calm down, mother, age she is.All of them are at times rude. "Although the neighbors - the girl as a girl with her mother gently.And generally friendly, always ready to help, if he sees the bag in his hands.Lucky some ...

... two women met in the train, apparently, have not seen, we were delighted with each other.

- How's your son?

- growing - low-key respons

e has added a smile.It is clear: growing, like everyone else, every day something new, do not get bored.Hear this woman any more questions, probably with great pleasure to tell about his son, but they were not followed, and the first, as it turned out, was just opening chord to the endless solos:

- And we Masha.Oh, you do not know yet, two years old she celebrated yesterday.She's so smart, understands everything, says it all.Be willing to walk - bear coat "Masya ten", then you need to dress Masha.Will want to eat, a cup of bears, "Masya tyay" means Masha - tea ... And on, and on ...

Excited mother pulled out a stack of photos, "Here" Masya "with the doll's" Masya "in"Sianky" ... the incessant chirping - Xia-Xia, bye-bye-bye - even drowned out the sound of wheels.Sitting around the passengers - who read, who knit - surprise turned to the side "Masina" mom.Worst of all was her familiar, tired to keep a polite smile.

first step of our children, the first word - not an event there, not fun for us right?Joy always want to share with others.And yet, what is significant for us, can not be in the same degree of importance to others.Forgetting risk becoming annoying and ridiculous.It would have no trouble.It is not difficult to imagine how it behaves "Masina" Mom, when someone comes to the house.Demonstrates no pictures - Mary herself "Aunt Sing a song ..." "Tell poem" .. And the girl is already really understand much.Already learned that it is the main thing.Sama offers climbs on his knees, requires that they be stacked cubes it looked like she draws."Masha, not good" - just in case mom says, but her daughter and dictates: "Tell me something about me."Then start this stunning guest house scales: "Masha rare musical talent", and then be proud of her knowledge of English ... and did not notice in the shallow vanity of their future family troubles have climbed and will continue to grow.

With others we are often polite, correct, tactful, but where everything disappears when the next

own children!

father came home from work, something irritated:

- Dad, can I go to Marina?

- You're one of Marina's mind!Teach lessons!I know how to learn!Come march for textbooks, and that your spirit was not here!

someday and it will respond.

son-grader liked the girl, which put him at a desk.He shared with his mother.A mother in the same day, fun telling a friend on the phone: "Our Nikita has already fallen in love.""Mom, come on!" - Nikita tears."That idiot, jokes do not understand."

«Fool" faux pas does not understand, laughing above his feelings and serious problems.

And what about the 'pedagogy' in public."Say hello!And they'll think you're rude. ""You forgot to say 'thank you'."The more publicly flick and comments, the less you want to follow them.And if they do not occur in children a sense of protest, there are stiffness, tightness, lack of confidence, difficulties in communication.Every step we take, every word, silence - everything is in their response.

in the park on a bench young mothers.Next - the children.They have their own society.Learn to live among their own kind.Until then quickly come into contact!"Let `s play".And friendship and cooperation.Two boys in the sandbox build the city - built walls, towers, fortified flags - red maple leaves."Bah!" - Where did this girl?Crept up, he lifted the ball over his head and threw it to the city.One of the "builders" jumped up, pushed the girl, the one with a roar rushed to the bench, and in a hurry to meet her mother, and the conflict is resolved from the standpoint of adult power.What's in front of her boyish self-defense!"Whose children?Why let them dissolve hands ?! »

Aside girl of three feeds a squirrel.She puts her palm with a nut to the trunk of the tree, saying: "Bela!Go on, do not be afraid, I will give something good to eat. "Squirrel goes down, it takes a nut and scooted up - on, branch, nibbling.And again at the palm trunk.Squirrel down, but on the way is another hand: the boy approached, three heads taller.The girl was whimpering, but my mother stopped, "Masha, the boy also want protein feed.Now he has given walnut, then you, then it is. "Mary looks at "rival" eyes "As we turn?Yes? "The boy was silent, but every time the protein substitutes approaching his hand.And his dad, he immediately beside, silent ...

Adult all these things - not an accident.For the guys - the drama, the struggle between good and evil and undeserved insults unworthy of victory ... What and how do they turn into?

All the best - to children - the law of our society.And in each family it is refracted differently.Tanya - the first strawberries of the market at a fabulous price.Vanya - caviar, to which no one would dare to touch: it grows, it needs vitamins.The point, as they say, thrifty, not a matter for dispute.Disturbing others: underline the beloved child.From it does not even try to hide the fact that this is only one you, to you, beloved.Strawberries have enough - the whole bowl on the table, and Tanya edifying tells his father: "You do not eat, then I still want to."And the parents laugh: small and clever!Rebelled a few years later, when a teenager Tanya require not ask for gold earrings, and a teenager Vania - tape, and arguments that the mother has no winter boots and coat from his father, will not work.

happiness when children grow assistants.On Sunday, my daughter without any reminders taken for a vacuum cleaner for cloth.Mom is happy, praises, my daughter even more trying.Careful, she and the landing did not forget to wash, mop slides at his door, at a neighbor's, but ... Then stop her zeal: "There's not necessary to wash out, which is what we all need for" ... And there, behind the door, liveslonely old woman.

interesting and important pattern observed in almost all of reader letters, come to the competition of the magazine "The family is strong": kind, attentive family relationships in direct relation to the respect and attention of parents to all people, not only to know - to the neighbors, to thefamiliar and unfamiliar.From here and you can go to the alphabet culture of behavior that we want to teach the children.