Not to corner

Figuratively speaking, it is important not to drive the child into a corner.Making observations, it is necessary to follow not only the tone of voice but also for those with some specific words you are referring to the son or daughter.Unfortunately, most often used with adjectives, emphasizing the presence of formed character slut, stupid, liar ... Subconsciously child understands - time mom thinks so, then try to become better, more honest there is no possibility.

correct does not give children the generalized characteristics, neither positive nor negative.Although moderately positive even allowed (you're a good boy, you're the smartest girl).But it is necessary to evaluate the action immediately.H to talk like this: "Why do you nasoril?Now let's remove ... ";"But you're not telling the truth and now tell me, what was really?»

In the above examples show the main difference between the traditional evaluation of the recommended - in the latter case, there is always the possibility for correction.You pr

ovide your child the confidence raise it to a higher level ... it is not seen that this attitude is not caused in his soul retaliatory response.

Do not "cornering" of children, and in situations where a particular behavior is due to the constitutional characteristics.The ancient divided all people into four categories - choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic.Today, other terms are used in the literature to refer to the higher nervous activity types:.. A strong well-balanced, strong, unbalanced, etc. These types exist objectively, and whether we like it or not, but we ourselves, and our children to one of them belong.So some of us too stubborn other - explosive, quick-tempered, at the third eye on a wet place.And tease her son because he is extremely sensitive and for any reason can cry unacceptable - it is not to blame.

But especially negative impact on the education of children is for bed-wetting.Children tend to be boys, and without reproach, and punishment of parents painfully experiencing this your fault.And parents are perplexed: "I punish him every morning, and he still wets the bed" - just typical mother's complaint about the reception at the pediatrician.And when you tell a mother that is not "all the same", but mostly "because of that" - many people do not believe."Well, it is difficult to ask to use the toilet?" - And not just hard, then urinates on purpose, out of spite.

If mom can put yourself in the place of the child, they would have realized - we must not punish his son, and caress, not be reminded of this weakness, and distract his attention by all available means.Together with the restriction of liquids in the evening, with a piece of herring or dried fish for dinner (salt retains water in tissues and to some extent reduces the filling of the bladder) distraction - the real way to combat this "sin."

Mechanisms of bedwetting can be different - from an anatomical defect in the spinal cord to the purely psychogenic.The last is the most common.And now what happens.After one or two such cases (It happens to everyone from children!) Parents start strongly resemble, and even scold and punish his son.The child himself wants to wake up dry, but due to the fact that he constantly thinks about it, there comes a paradoxical reaction - cases of frequent incontinence.Because the brain is formed dominant focus of excitation.It prevents the child sleep.Boy awaits painful - when he wants to urinate, so as not to miss this moment.But fatigue takes its - he falls asleep ... And then, just at the moment of falling asleep, he dreams the dream (and in that strange, because he's just about it and thought) that he was in the toilet, you can finally-So, relax and ...