What is our life - the game !

Games are not just useful, they are vital to man in general, but a hundred times - children.Any Games - mobile, quiet, intelligent, and those in which, in our, the parent view, no do not mind.If this conclusion was shared by all adults, if they knew about it, not only all the parents, but also teachers, teacher, talk about it, of course, it would not be worth.Unfortunately we do not know.

So, what mistakes are made, we, the parents, in matters of children's games?First of all, figuratively speaking, we do not want (busy, tired, lazy, do not attach importance ...) to squat or get on all fours next to the child.Trims up buying toys.And - get angry, and even punish, if a child breaks these toys, does not want to play with them.And we do not understand what to play him alone bored.The game, almost any, requires a partner.For a while, a partner can be a doll or a rabbit, and a bear ... but because the game - it is certainly the situation.A set of situations with an inanimate object rather limited.That is why

the child very soon, even with a new toy becomes uninteresting.

The ability to disassemble the toy, in the absence of skills and tools are almost always looks like breaking it - it's interesting.This is the new game situation.break for a child - it's a game.For us - material damage.Well and, accordingly, our reaction is incomprehensible to the child.But curiosity and desire to learn "that the bear in the stomach" - an integral feature of childhood.So, firstly, to purchase such toys should be that it is not too affected the family budget, and secondly, ever, and by taking a screwdriver to open the toy and show the "innards".

few words about the acquisition and possession of toys.I think that is a serious mistake to visit a toy store with your child.No matter how many toys may be at home, and even in kindergarten, store them still more.Not only the child, the adult eyes run.Make the choice very difficult.And if you still adults can on anything to stop the child of such an approach is in principle impossible.And because the conflict in one way or another is inevitable.

addition of one or two favorite toys are generally not used continuously, but only in certain situations, the remaining child quickly bored.At the same time plenty of attention dissipates, further reduces the interest in them.Therefore, (but again - it is necessary to think, to spend time on it) periodically, and the younger the child, the more toys should be cleaned, and after 2-3 weeks, a month to give the baby back.

Serious adult mistake when they did condescend to play with the baby, is the inability to sustain the brink permissible indulgence.I will try to explain this with an example.Once, having got a dog, I was engaged with it in a club service dog.The instructor taught us how to raise a dog's courage.If the "foreign" (as it was, of course, also some of us), swung at the dog, he immediately turned his back on him and ran away, the dog began to believe in his strength and tried to catch up.If, swinging, walking on it, it is a coward and hid behind the host.

about and with the child.If the parents agreeing to play with his son or daughter, the child will suppress their intelligence ( "Well, who so walk? Do not you have eyes there, do not you see? This is wrong, how many times to tell you ..."), init will develop an inferiority complex, fear of making a decision, uncertainty in the forces, and so on. d. On the other hand, if all the time to give in, "turn their backs and run away", too, nothing good will come.This is required by a service dog reckless courage and even recklessness in host defense, at home, abroad.From the person requires still more.And if, as often happens, the parents can not find a middle ground and no resistance, at all times amenable to, the child grows up with an exaggerated conceit and overconfidence, for that life certainly punish him.

One of the most important conditions for the child's game can be considered extreme ease of reincarnation.Listen, where most of the games begins: "I will be like my mother, but you're my daughter ... I like the teacher and pupil are you ... I'm like a doctor, and you're sick ..." And in five minutes the other way around"You are like a doctor, and I'm sick ..." Unfortunately, adults easily and quickly does not include and does not come out of the role.It is necessary to avoid another mistake - it is kept only himself.The game is acceptable, what is more, it is necessary for some time, and to become a child.And as a child relates to games medicine?The answer is simple - positive.Especially the games moving in the fresh air.Now, when a serious health scourge (the truth, not only in childhood) became sedentary, doctors see the salvation of it is in the games.Of course, sport and exercise are also good, but very few of them deal with our children.Read also sufficient range of motion, which is given at the time of the child's stay in the kindergarten, and even more so in the school, you can not stretch of the imagination.

Well, if the child can overdo it, "cross" or "pereprygat"?Healthy - no.For two reasons: first - in children small reserve of endurance, they simply can not physically provide the body, the heart of such a load, which would be harmful to health.And the second - in most cases, children instinctively played quite economical in terms of energy.Only my mother, watching from the balcony, it seems that her child is worn continuously for hours.In fact, almost all the children's games provide load alternation with rest.Remember how you played themselves - jogging - stop, jogging - rest.

Of course, in some diseases of the motor activity of children is necessary to limit - but the doctor will say about this.In all other cases, even run, albeit tired - and your appetite will be better, and sleep tight.And parents need to take care of the prevention of colds.Children take cold (by the way, and adults, too), not when they are cold, and when it is hot in the cold.There is no paradox.Even with a significant and prolonged exposure to the cold, the baby does not get cold, though freezes to shiver.Because the body will include a complex heating system (yes that's a shiver - it's muscular work, in which heat is generated), will reduce heat loss to a minimum.

quite another thing in summer or when the child is hot due to excessive wrapping.In the skin are opened countless "panes" - the pores through which sweat leaving excess heat.And it should be in this situation, any body area to be protected is not clothing or wet, for example, the feet - cold ensured.But the game has nothing to do with it.It is very common, but stubbornly defended mistake parents - to wrap up her child so that both faces to be seen.