Sound puzzles

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Developing Games Auditory Perception

Features and its educational value.The training objective of the game is largely the same as the previous one.But now the children do not have to just guess-sounding thing, and convey the character of the sound or voice word.This contributes to a more conscious and subtle discrimination and reproduction of sound, which is a new step in the development of auditory perception.

Games contexts and challenges are familiar to children.New to them is the type of partnerships (active role performed in small groups).Children learn to control his behavior:. Inhibit the natural desire to answer the first, etc. All of this is great, for the development of volitional qualities of personality of the child.

Game material.By the material from the previous game, you can add some musical toys, such as the piano, flute, Tirol, balalaika, etc. trenzl selection of toys should provide a variety of sounds -. Like broaching, melodic and percussion, staccato.You will also need a screen and reading.

Game Description and method

s of its implementation.Mentor shows children prepared for the game items and offers to guess riddles;it will be using toys to extract sounds, and the boys, seeing the subject should guess that sounds.

Teacher blocking toys screen and warns children that have to sit so quietly, as though no one in the room, then well you will hear each toy.He tells the children is another important rule of the game;when the toy will end knock, these words need to be said in unison: "The voice we heard and your riddle solved.You ... (name a toy). "

solve riddles, children with the teacher must identify words or onomatopoeia to convey the character to hear the sound.

put forth a child two or three puzzles educator few changes the organization of the game.He beckons to her children (four to six people).One of them offers to sit on chairs facing the rest of the participants in the game, and the other (no more than two) to be his assistants in zagadyvanii puzzles.Aides sit behind the screen and directed by the adult perform actions with toys, making them sound.Guess riddles all the children, but the answer aloud only those who call the teacher.Others can whisper in your ear otgadku its neighbors.After each puzzle caregiver helps children to convey the character of the sound or word onomatopoeia, together with the rest of the game evaluates the correctness otgadki.

Due to the change of roles, the game was proceeding briskly teacher is able to see how each child copes with the proposed task, see the behaviors of children in joint activities.Rules of the game.

1. Strictly observe the silence, listen carefully to the sound of the subject.

2. Speak the answer to just after the words: "The voice of yours we have learned and solved the riddle ..." Aloud say the answer to only those who are asking the teacher.Prompt impossible.

3. On the role of the assistants are selected only those who play together and executes the rules.

Tips educator.The game has a controlling character.It allows you to figure out the behavior of the individual characteristics of each child, which is very important for further work.

noticed the first signs of weakening of the attention and interest of the children, offer them the role of assistants, not waiting with their hand explicit violation of the rules.Spend the game vividly, emotionally, when the total activity of all its participants.