Games that promote purposeful auditory perception

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Developing Games Auditory Perception

usually to three years in children already have a fairly large margin of auditory impressions, but they still do not know how to manage your hearing: listen, compare and evaluate the sound of the strength, tone, character.Kids usually do not realize that what they hear t. E. Perceived by ear.This is because the ambient sounds often just perceived by them unknowingly, merging with other, more important for their impressions.Sounds sometimes not noticed by children, poorly allocated them.

ability to not just hear, but to listen, to concentrate on the sound, highlight its distinctive features - a very important human ability.Without it, you can not learn nutritionally listen and hear the other person, love music and understand the voices of nature ...

ability to listen and understand the sounds do not come by itself even in the presence of acute natural hearing.It must be focused to develop a child's life from an early age.Of course, it is best to do it in the game.In education this ability and directe

d games, presented in this section.

The overall objective of these games - to open, to make them attractive to the baby the special world of sound, meaningful, talking about something important.Most of the games is the nature of puzzles, in which children from the sound source to guess it.

sequence of games in the section determined by increase of the falsity of the auditory tasks and awareness of auditory perception.At first the children to guess the sound source -golos his coeval or voiced toy "Who woke Mishutka", "cap-and-stick" in the game "Meet the guests' different sounds are signals that anticipate specific events and set up children for appropriate play, action,in the future (the game "What chose Parsley?", "Sound the riddle") children under the guidance of teacher capture features of familiar sounds and transmit their character by the means available to them - the movement, or onomatopoeia word.This ensures that children begin to purposefully compare sounds to each other, to distinguish between them.So in the game gradually develops the ability to hear and understand sounds.

for successful formation of focused auditory perception in the game are two basic conditions must be met.Firstly, it is necessary to separate the "mysterious" the sound of other audio experience.This requires complete silence in the moments zagadyvaniya and guessing riddles sound.Silence in the group need and to ensure that all the players can focus on the sound and appreciate each other's answers.Secondly, you need to make sure that the child, the guesser sound riddle, could not see the source.To do this, you can isolate the sound source screen or put the child back to the sounding object.

successful development of children's hearing is very important to the game regularly, repeating them every day.